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Sunday, January 22, 2017

US Main Stream Media Crash and Burn Watch

So yesterday Trump announced leaving the TPP and will renegotiate NAFTA or cancel it if Mexico and Canada don't make it fair for USA

And in Australia, 5 murdered using an automobile, intentionally.   No details on whether it is a black Muslim.

I got these from a Japanese site JIJI.
But at NBC there is no mention of either.    Just "Trump still won't release his tax returns" it is shameful.

How about ABC?  Nothing on these important stories, but plenty on "Women Marching Against Trump"

How about Google....nothing on the important stories but they do have "The costs of a Trump-Branded Reality".


Now in the Japan Crash and Burn watch, they have a severe problem with population decline, and in an astoouding act of stupidity, they make is harder for people to get married and have babies.    Surely this incredible act of ploitical correctness is misguided at best.   In order to make it fair for females, who priot to this could decide to get married at 16, they now have to wait until 18 so that is equal to the boys.

Crane Accident At Takahama Nuclear Plant, Radiation Doubles and Triples in Area

You can look at radiation levels at this Japanese site

At the bottom I have some pictures of the Crane accident.    I enlarged them and did a gamma correction to show more detail.   Looked around, these are the best available online.

Takahama is also a MOX plant so there is a goodly amount of Plutonium, Americium, and Uranium in that mix.     And those being alpha, they are not likely to be contributing much to the CPM since alpha only flies a few CM in air.   

i.e. the worst stuff is not being detected, hardly at all. 

I tried to use Google translate, but the map then wouldn't display.

A 400' tall crane mysteriously fell over, and landed on a building which is storing spent nuclear fuel.   "spent fuel" is the most dangerous, it is the fuel after being fissioned inside a working reactor for usually around 1.5 years.    It has the most dangerous radiation products, and lot's of them.    Roughly the equivalent of 1 to 3 nuclear bombs of radiation for each day of operation.     So a load of fuel from 1 reactor, run say 550 days, will have the equivalent of 550 to 1650 nuclear bombs. 

They said there was no radiation released due to the massive crane  falling over.   But the radiation maps available online show otherwise, the 3 closest to the plant are showing a clear spike of 200% to 300%, and staying high.


Farther away from the Takahama Plant, most readings show steady. 

Crane Accident

And here is some "piggy back" information from Vital1

Free resources to help people who are new to this forum.
If you are new here, this International list of real time Radiation monitoring stations can be helpful in tracking radiation events worldwide.

"The Food Lab", has a list of the latest international reports of radioactive food contamination.

Free DIY food testing set up guide,

Free Geiger counter user guide.

This radio interview is a good overall summary on the present situation at Fukushima.

The Pacific Ocean is Dying!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Sea Level Rise -- Fake News Used For Nefarious Power, Control, Fear, and Wealth Transfer, Here is the Real Information

New analysis and graphing tools for sea-level data at Guest essay by David Burton now has interactive regression analysis (line/curve fitting) and visualization (graphing) tools available for mean sea level (MSL) measurements from over 1200 tide gauges, plus spreadsheets which combine various subsets of that data.

Friday, January 20, 2017

How To Predict the Globalist Chess Moves, And Beat Them At Their Own Game

stock here:

I was in a bad business deal with person I thought I knew.    I was getting ready for a trip to Hawaii to deal with this problem, as well as other business.     A few weeks before my trip someone online mentioned that I should read "The Sociopath Next Door".

I bought it on Amazon and read it on the airplane going to Hawaii.      I discovered that my "business partner" was described perfectly by the sociopath book.    This was shocking to me, but also enlightening.      I learned a lot, read more.     

I learned how to think like a sociopath, without becoming one, but becoming more effective.   Especially at using the sociopaths manipulations to my benefit, by setting a sacrificial chess piece out in front at which they couldn't help but take the bait.   And the gambit worked to my advantage.  

Although with much stress, things turned out very nicely for me.     My small investment in that book paid me back 70,000 times more, seriously.
So one of the keys to this article is, to beat a Globalist, you need to know how to think like a sociopath.

Knowing chess is key to knowing how the globalists think.

Get In Touch With Your Darker Side

Going by their behavior and their rhetoric when they are unguarded, most globalists display highly narcissistic character traits as well as sociopathy and psychopathy. It is not enough to research these traits in a clinical fashion, you have to tap into the darker side of your own psyche, and think as they think. This means being willing to entertain evil and malicious concepts. You must be willing to ask yourself – “If I were them, how would I go about getting what I want?”
Understanding devious and aberrant psychopathic intent goes a long way in making the globalists predictable. Remember, many psychopaths are actually highly intelligent and intuitive. They don’t have a moral compass and have lost the voice of conscience, but in order to adapt they have learned how to fake it. They are chameleons.
ALL people are inherently capable of evil actions, just as they are inherently capable of great good. You don’t have to become like the elites, but you do have to go to some ugly places in your own mind. An elitist is basically a person who went to those places and discovered that he liked it there.

The Truth Is Trickled Out - Fukushima Thyroid Cancer up Over 1200% Through 2014

I wonder how the 2017 data will look?

"They" did not distribute or recommend Potassium Iodide in Japan, which would have avoided many of these cancers.     "They" the lying scientists and doctors say that thyroid cancer can be successfully treated.    Ya right, by thyroid removal or by blasting it with so much radiation that the thyroid dies completely.  

But the thyroid controls your whole metabolism, and other important functions.    Shame on the medical industry for pretending to be heroes by "curing the cancer" as opposed to preventing the cause of the cancer.    Shame, Shame.


After the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in March 2011, radioactive elements were released from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Based on prior knowledge, concern emerged about whether an increased incidence of thyroid cancer among exposed residents would occur as a result.


After the release, Fukushima Prefecture performed ultrasound thyroid screening on all residents ages
≤18 years. The first round of screening included 298,577 examinees, and a second round began in April 2014. We analyzed the prefecture results from the first and second round up to December 31, 2014, in comparison with the Japanese annual incidence and the incidence within a reference area in Fukushima Prefecture.


The highest incidence rate ratio, using a latency period of 4 years, was observed in the central middle district of the prefecture compared with the Japanese annual incidence (incidence rate ratio = 50; 95% confidence interval [CI] = 25, 90). The prevalence of thyroid cancer was 605 per million examinees (95% CI = 302, 1,082) and the prevalence odds ratio compared with the reference district in Fukushima Prefecture was 2.6 (95% CI = 0.99, 7.0). In the second screening round, even under the assumption that the rest of examinees were disease free, an incidence rate ratio of 12 has already been observed (95% CI = 5.1, 23).


An excess of thyroid cancer has been detected by ultrasound among children and adolescents in Fukushima Prefecture within 4 years of the release, and is unlikely to be explained by a screening surge.


Chitin Absorbs Radiation Like a Sponge -- Chitin Used By Krill, Algae, Coral

The deeper one runs down this rabbit hole, the more obvious it is that man made radiation needs to be minimized not "solution by dilution" in the ocean.

From my studies of bio-accumulation of radiation in chitin structures, and realizing the very unique structures that are created out of chitin that are sometime used as "super sensors" to "see" infrared and more broad electromagnetic spectra, it seems possible that vibrating photon collecting and dispersing structures mentioned in the algae article cited by "Lot's Wife" ----also incorporate chitin.

I have not run this to ground completely, but certainly chitin is used by algae, see screen cap.   Maybe someone has time to further this research.   See also at the far bottom, the incredibly important role of chitin as lamella that facilitates accumulation of calcium ions that create the coral.   

In fact, some of these Chitin-Protein structures can be quite long lasting, as long as you don’t blow the heck out of them with bio-magnified radiation, ouch

More from Lot's Wife

More here on the oscillation frequency...I think you are on to something. Exploit it, refine it. Make a poster.

Begin forwarded message:

Sulfur dioxide SO2 [...] and fine ash absorb ultraviolet energy from the sun that causes the bonds between and within their atoms to oscillate at 47 times higher frequency than the bonds in CO_{2} absorbing infrared radiation. Temperature is proportional to the kinetic energy of these oscillations, i.e. the frequency squared. Thus these gases are raised to much higher temperatures than greenhouse gases.

Sulfur dioxide SO2 [...] and fine ash absorb ultraviolet energy from the sun that causes the bonds between and within their atoms to oscillate at 47 times higher frequency than the bonds in CO_{2} absorbing infrared radiation. Temperature is proportional to the kinetic energy of these oscillations, i.e. the frequency squared. Thus these gases are raised to much higher temperatures than greenhouse gases.

...SO2 from China is traceable across the Pacific Ocean even to eastern America, perhaps playing a major role in the unusually high air temperatures in 2010. Atmospheric circulation in the northern hemisphere moves SO2 towards the pole where it is the primary cause of Arctic Haze. In polar regions, solar radiation travels longer path lengths through the atmosphere during longer summer days than in equatorial regions, contributing to the well-documented excessive global warming in the Arctic....In August 2014, Bárðarbunga in central Iceland began erupting basaltic lava flows that in six months covered an area of 33 square miles, the size of Manhattan, the highest rate of such lava extrusion since 1783, a major event. Chlorine and bromine from such lava depletes the ozone layer, allowing more ultraviolet-B solar radiation to reach Earth.