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I finally found an old video that had been "disappeared" and now reappears with the title of Borax - Safety Experiment on a Boiling Water Reactor At 14 minutes in, they run a test on the reactor using K=4 with expected results, of blowing the reactor up, and jettisoning the fuel into the air. Yep, back in the 1950's they did this stuff as sanctioned government research in the open air.

This is exactly what happened at Fukushima Reactor Building 3.   We don't know if it was the reactor or the spent fuel pool, but the results are clearcut, 100 tons of uranium and percentage of Plutonium, Strontium, Cesium, and other nastiness was launched into the atmosphere and measured by the EPA.

Summaries from the video
The presence of steam reduces reactivity

Any excess reactivity is self corrective by steam production, which incidentally, for convenience they vent directly to the atmosphere.

Which makes perfect sense, at Fukushima the core or spent fuel was melting or at least steaming mad. The steam being produced was collapsed by the pressure wave of the hydrogen explosion and it went prompt critical, a nuclear explosion

They did 5 safety experiments.

At  1.9% K-effective Minor water surge
at 2.1% K-effective, quite a bit more water surging

But at 3 to 4% K-effective, they calculated it could blow up real good, but the chances of an operational error were deemed "negligible"

So of course, these good scientists did it.

They melted the fuel plate, and ejected the reactor cores
1.3E8 Joules, with some core material burning while flying through the steam explosion.

Thus "proving" that BWRs are safe in all likely operational scenarios, ya right

If the video below won't play in your browser, you can go directly to youtube

The same thing happened at Fukushima reactor 3. I needed a place to store the Reactor 3 Nuclear Explosion, here it is

The Nuke Cartel keep on disappearing videos that support the anti-nuke case. I had one page in which 5 of 5 videos were disappeared. Amazing.


  1. Got this in my email
    Good job!! TY!

    1. hey you still Whoopin' it up

      Open up a can of Whoop Ass on those nukers!

  2. umm, you sound as dumb as George Bush Junior when you say nukulur, instead of pronouncing it as it is spelled, nu-klee-ar, nuclear, not nuculer. sorry, otherwise interesting videos.

  3. Unit 3 did not go prompt critical. The forensics dont support the assumption.

  4. Not a prompt criticality at Fukushima - no neutrons detected

    1. Hilarious! As if TEPCO would report that. It is essential to keep the public from revolting against nuclear, essential to maintain the lie that nuke plants cannot blow up like a nuke bomb. The nuke industry must protect that lie at all costs. If you look at the airborne dispersion of uranium and plutonium, that only means to eject that much material is through an internal explosion within the reactor vessel to create a "canon"

    2. Actually, TEPCO itself did report detecting 13 neutron beams at the time of the accident:

  5. Just out of curiosity, what would have made those reactors go prompt critical?

    1. Deformation of the fuel rods due to over heating/melting, possibly even just the earthquake effect. Degradation of the boron plate absorbers.

    2. Additional frisky neutron in the MOX blend fuel (enriched Plutonium)

      melted coriums
      high temperatures
      high pressures

  6. The first video, last experiment toward the end recalls, on a small scale, Fukushima #3, except #3 seemed to have 3 separate explosions.

    1. The first 2 explosion were probably hydrogen explosions, agreed with the similarity though


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