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 There are lots of PNP's (pro nuke pimps) out there talking complete garbage such as Solar PV costs 70 cents per kWH.

The Real Cost to Implement PV Solar Electric has dropped to 2.94 Cents per KWH !!!

The world has changed underneath their (the PNP) feet, they don't want to have to learn a new livelihood even they are killing us slowly and sometimes more quickly. More quickly if you unfortunate enough to have inhaled some of the plutonium hot particles that were launched in the jet stream when reactor 3 blew sky-high. Information on that is here:


Japan was using nuclear energy to meet roughly 30% of its energy needs.
Japan is now meeting its energy needs by:
1. Conserving energy
2. Liquid natural gas, which they import
Plus, Japan’s energy needs are met by using green/renewable energy sources such as:
1. Biomass fuel – 70 plants using biomass fuel, including a biomass fuel plant that burns oil derived from imported pine trees
2. 18 Geothermal plants
3. Solar Power – Japan is third in the world in its use of solar power, and in December 2011, Tokyo Electric began operating a solar power plant in Hachinohe, Aomori, providing 1.6 million kwh per year
4. 1,807 Wind turbines
5. 1,198 small Hydropower plants
6. 14 generators burn both coal and biomass fuel
7. 190 generators attached to municipal waste units burn biomass fuel


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  2. Have you seen this?

    Enter a location and it will tell you how many kWh per year 25 square meters of 16% efficient PV will generate.

    1. Yes, familiar with that site, it can quite a bit of useful calculations, output by month as season changes, all the tilts and compass angles. Very nice website. Once in a while the gov does something well!

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  4. solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy......nice job... .. Solar Panel

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