Friday, August 1, 2014

Global Warming, Real Information from the NukePro

This was fairly hard to find this data and parse in into a format that made some sense.    Check out the charts and drop a comment.

PS I need to create a new BOX account to allow file sharing.     When I can do this, I will provide a link so that you can download my complete spreadsheet of temperature data, and you can verify it yourself.    Maybe even do some more advanced number crunching, or correlate them to nuke bomb testing and sunspots.    Have at it!     For now if you need the file, email me, and I will send it to you.

Bottom line, Global Warming has certainly occurred since 1880, but temperatures go in cycles, and "we" (meaning humans including scientists) do not understand them.   There is a lot of complex stuff that affects weather, and yours truly strongly believes that sunspots and other sun magnetic and electric effects and as also related to cosmic ray blocking are WAY more important than CO2 from fossil fuel burning.     Most of the Egg Head scientists don't even understand solar spots and are crappy at predicting cycles, and befuddled when there academia programmed minds can't operate to understand a process when it conflicts with their "training".

Bottom line---there has been NO GLOBAL WARMING over the past 17 years.    Isn't that an "inconvenient truth" for those who wish to transfer wealth via Cap and Trade type acts.    Also pretty inconveneint for those who wish to promote a dying nuclear energy field by stating that it can help reduce global warming.

Fact, we are seeing some more extreme weather months in the last 17 years, BUT the standard deviation is actually going down, see the chart.       What does it mean?

Simple.    Those in the boomer and post boomer generations have lived through a period of incredible weather stability.    In the far known and measured past, weather has been more extreme.   Just that fact alone helps the huge economic expansion of post WW2.     We had it good.     Now we are getting a few extreme spikes.  It will be hotter and colder, dryer and wetter going forward.     But global temperature has stalled out, and a reversal is likely.

Another big thing that is barely on most peoples radar is the earths magnetic pole shift, I can't deal with that one today, but realize it could be a massive effect on earth weather.

Check out the charts and drop a comment.

A reader at this site contributed a link to his own work, which proves that global warming is a scam, and that CO2 IS NOT a driver for upward temperatures.     He is a real engineer with a background similar to mine.    He has put real science to what is "know on a gut level".

And a frequent commenter here, Dud added in

No chart for sunspot activity?
Rectified, if you like -->

Quote: "One of the possible explanations for a link between sunspots and weather is via cosmic rays. It is accepted that cosmic rays play a part in cloud formation by encouraging the nucleation of water droplets. It is also accepted that there is a negative correlation between sunspots and cosmic rays. Figure 5 demonstrates this link."

And amazingly, on Aug 1, 2014 when I published my proof that Global Warming is a scam, Suspicious Observers had a short comment on their daily video, and the statement that "there has been no warming for 17 years" and a link to a long video that goes deep into Global Warming scam.   I haven't watched it yet, but here it is.



  1. Thanks Stock--Nice work!! You clearly put a lot of time and effort into finding, compiling, entering, displaying and analyzing the data--with very good results.

    You conclusion is interesting and merits a closer look for me as this runs counter to my long-held assumptions/understanding about global warming. I'll need to come back to it later when I have more time.

    BTW--excellent graphs!

    Thanks again, Stock. This is really great stuff! :-)

    All the best,

    1. Sparky, ENE appears to be down hard. Suspicious timing with the EPA comment period Aug 3 which is a Sunday.

      Any ideas?

    2. Hi Stock, Strange--I posted a reply a few minutes ago and it disappeared. Try again:

      Sorry for my delayed response. Yes, The ENE blackout was VERY disturbing. Harlan and I have worked out arrangements for the 'Newser "workgroup" communications, but I think we'll need a bigger "room" as a back-up (if possible) in case ENE goes down long term.

      Thankfully, ENE is now up and running, with some apparent minor site repairs. Let's hope it lasts.

      I doubt, however, that ENE as a news aggregator and unique on-line community could be duplicated or replaced. I hope ENE Admin has fortified the site against these ever-evolving attacks.

      I know Nukepro has had it's share of attacks as well. Constant vigilance is necessary, which can be very time-consuming and costly. I'm preaching to the choir, I know....)

      Sparky out. :-)

    3. Quote: "The ENE blackout"

      Huh? Haven't read The news there for the last two days.
      Am aware of some functionality at the site being broken though.
      That seemed to coincide with Micro$oft's DOJ-approved (IIRC) No-IP server takeover starting approximately June 30.

      When a site appears down, one could check to confirm.

      If it is "just you", then perhaps some alternate DNS servers may help.

      Am no expert, yet i like to share what i have learned.

      Am hoping has everything vital there (including vital1!) has been backed up.

      Thank you ENE News, and thank you stock-sensei. Sakaido Hantai!

    4. Ah, now i see the gap in posts.
      That was from 8:30 PM EDT, Aug 01 to 7:32 PM EDT, Aug 02.

      The first post after the blackout was ironically newsblackoutUSA's post.

      It sure is nice to see admin post again.

      Looking forward to seeing if my theory concerning No-IP was correct (or not). Moreso looking forward to admin posting more.

      Long live ENEnews!

  2. "Nukepro got your back with real information, not the disinformation of the MSM"

    Yeah! Thanks Nukepro!!


  3. "They" own the power supply, the major water supply chain, the food chain. We pay them to live. The Anthropomorphic global warming scam was to devise a method of charging us for the air we breathe.
    Full spectrum.
    They also own the internet and built it for their own, consciousness control, purposes.
    Thanks for the work Nuke Pro
    Love xxx

    1. Aloha, no simple quick solutions here, however, unless we can win the battle against man made radiation, the other battles are trivial.

    2. You are too modest, as you are actively working towards solutions via alternative energy. Does being "anti"-nuke not imply "instead" of "nukular" technology? However; it is as you say "no simple quick solutions".

      Break free of the chains that hold us in slavery &/or servitude.
      Vote with your dollars, veto with your feet by not patronizing "their" services (where reasonably possible).

      Neo-Patriotism means being loyal to fellow countrymen (& women), not the Incorporated "State" (should it not be a Partnership instead?).
      Am always wary of Nationalism and it's many feces, er ahem, faces.

      Household alternate energy production should be considered a vital part of Retirement planning, in my humble opine.

  4. An equation, with only two drivers as independent variables, explains measured average global temperatures since before 1900 with 95% correlation, calculates credible values back to 1610, and predicts to 2037. CO2 change is not one of the drivers.

    Search AGW unveiled for the method, equation, data sources, history (hind cast to 1610) and predictions (to 2037).

    1. Dan, I tried to leave a comment at your website, but think it failed somehow while trying to log in to Wordpress.

      Anyway, your website and research is spectacular, it supports my personal work exactly.


    3. Nice work, Mr. Pangburn (by the way)!

      I wish somebody had data on Oxygen and Noble gases in Sea-level atmosphere composition from this side of the new millennia.

  5. Id like to pass the excel data through a neural network I developed for pattern recognition. If you are interested then you know how to get a hold of me at my work email. I think that would make us even for the nuclear air cleaning handbook. Thanks.

    1. Advise the basic strategy of said neural network, and pattern recognition strategies. Send me your email I don't have time to reivew the files, very busy now.

      Providing the secrets of the lie of global warming would not make us "equal" for Atoms providing a government spec and standards paper....sorry, thats a big no go.

  6. Hi stock, I saw you posted this on enenews this morning but could only glance through... I just read the whole thing. This is fascinating. Sharing this and circulating. Thanks always.

    1. Roger that, please circulate. 1M people can read some BS either way on global warming, but 10,000 who care and read this and take action could be the tipping point

      TIPP it good!

  7. No chart for sunspot activity?
    Rectified, if you like -->

    Quote: "One of the possible explanations for a link between sunspots and weather is via cosmic rays. It is accepted that cosmic rays play a part in cloud formation by encouraging the nucleation of water droplets. It is also accepted that there is a negative correlation between sunspots and cosmic rays. Figure 5 demonstrates this link."

  8. More extreme weather events to proceed with a trend towards cooling. Check.

    Will it be like envisioned in "The Coming Global SuperStorm" by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber and/or "The Day After Tomorrow"? I don't know, though i hope not. Those Mammoths with food in their mouths & bellies is compelling evidence. What is it evidence of though???

  9. A repost from:

    "Quote: "In a study published in July 2014, a team of scientists led by a researcher from the Desert Research Institute announced they had a discovered a new type of soot particle produced by wildfires. The particles, called “superaggregates,” are on average ten times longer and have a more compact shape than conventional soot particles from vehicles and cook stoves. Their distinctive shape means they likely have a more potent warming effect on the climate than other types of soot.

    “We found that superaggregates contribute up to 90-percent more warming than spherical sub-micrometer soot particles, which current climate models use,” said the study’s lead author, Rajan Chakrabarty. “These preliminary findings warrant further research to quantify the significant impact these particles may have on climate, human health, and air pollution around the world.”" "

    NorthWest Territories has seen an abundance of thick smoke around Great Slave Lake. It is haltingly awesome how much territory it has covered.

    Monday (Aug 4, 2014, 8:00 PDT), it is PREDICTED that there will be a huge "front" of thick smoke (~25% (Wild Ass Guess) being >300micrograms/m3), like a weather front, from Great Bear Lake to Lake Winnipeg for most of the afternoon.

    Previously, i witnessed such thick plumes move North/Easterly from around Great Slave Lake.
    Hoping not a lot is accumulating on Greenland ice.
    After all, most of it will likely fall out somewhere.

    Are we witnessing another pathway towards ocean acidification ("nukular" stupidity in JA (& elsewhere) being a multiplicative pathway, if i have that correct).

    1. OT Query (no answer required): Was the "black substance" an example of another type of superaggregate? :/

  10. Quote of anne: "The terrible storms and drought and floods caused by Krypton-85 are no hoax. Nor is the acidification of the ocean caused by nuclear waste and radioactive fallout."


    “…Arctic sea ice extent declined at a typical rate through May, but extent remained below average for the period of satellite observations. While Antarctic sea ice extent increased at a near average rate, extent was at a record high, and above average in nearly every Antarctic sea ice sector.
    “Arctic sea ice extent for May averaged 12.78 million square kilometers (4.93 million square miles). This is 610,000 square kilometers (235,500 square miles) below the 1981 to 2010 average for the month. May 2014 is now the third lowest May extent in the satellite record. …”

    Arctic Sea is where so much nuclear waste has been dumped."

    Nobody seems concerned about Xenated compounds either, sadly.
    All of the original 131I released at Fukuppy-Daichi is now 131Xe, for instance.

    {Where are current 131I detections in sludge from Tokyo & other Prefectures coming from?
    If only we had another Iodine isotope detection to compare ratios to confirm &/or rule out RAI patients. Here is a link to where i see some discussion concerning 131I/132I/133I --> }

    There's a lovely compound formed with Ozone, for instance, though have no knowledge of conditions required for formation nor it's prevalence.

    Quote: "Xenon difluoride can be produced by the simple exposure of Xe and F2 gases to sunlight; while the mixing of the two gases had been tried over 50 years before in an attempt to produce a reaction, nobody had thought to simply expose the mixture to sunlight."

    (WTF is "Therapeutic" Sodium Iodide 131I ??? !!! Is it approved by the late Dr. Kevorkian?)

  11. You have made a case for damage due to radiation contamination, but you still have not made a case that global warming does not exist. There are a variety of converging forces that are contributing to the degradation of the earth. Currently the residents of Toledo, Ohio cannot drink their water due to algae bloom caused by agricultural / chemical runoff.
    By denying global warming, and by casting most scientists as "Eggheads" you are reducing your credibility and isolating yourself.
    I think that many of the solutions you offer share common ground with those offered by people concerned with global warming. If people of opposing points of view would realize that they actually share common ground instead of arguing about the points upon which they disagree, much progress could be made in combatting the damage to the earth and the environment.

    1. HIlarious, you state that Nukepro has not made a case that global warming does not exist. Wow, do you even bother to review the top chart? A seventh grader could tell you that we are not warming for the last 17 years.

      More radical weather and a cooling trend are what we are faced with.

      The sun is the main driver here.

    2. Stock - The top graph shows a simple step up to where we are, and yeah, as we load the atmosphere, the earth can absorb so much until we exceed it ability then we go up again, that's what the graph tells me. Simply because we are at the highest 'step' on the graph and we haven't went up for a few years does not mean it's no happening. Sorry.

    3. @Anon, get an account please. Do you think the Chinese industrialisation has contributed no pollution and CO2? So you think that is "why" we stalled out? No go. There is NO correlation between CO2 and temp. there are massive correlation between sun activity and temp.

      Man is not at the center of the universe. Man is not all important. The other planets are also seeing massive changes, Jupiter lost a large spot for one example.

      Ego is a deadly sin. Turning matter into energy is not Godlike, is it crime of ego. stock out.

  12. Memo to Jimmy Conca:

    If you like your radiation care plan, you can keep it! :P

    1. LOL, I did ask Conca what his regimen was for increased radiation intake to promote whoremesis.....

      his answer "of course I don't try to take more radiation"

      heretic! LOL


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