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93 One Liner Lies of the Nuclear Cartel

Classic One Liner Lies of Nuke

Well I added another one liner lie.    Rod Adams helped me find this lie when one of his twitter buddies did a post on how  solar energy never has a chance for the  future because making the solar energy devices takes more energy than they produce in their lifetime.   Wow, the levels these pimps will stoop to to promote their 'precious' nuclear radiation cartel.   

The reality is that for PV panels, it takes about 6 months of energy production of the device in order to offset the energy used in producing the device.    And the lifetime is at least 30 years.

The lie in one liner form
"Solar Energy has no future because it takes more energy to create the solar system, than the solar system produces in it's lifetime"

You can probably use the search function to find some backup to each of these lies of nuclear.    When someone, be it media, a research organization, a government speaker, whoever, starts pimping out one of these lies, then you can start reading their material in a new, more suspicious light.

As a future project, I intend on following each sentence with a link to a concise debunk of each of these lies.    Its like shooting fish in a barrel.   Anyone who wants to volunteer a link and debunk, send as a comment.  

As you folks come across other nice One Liners, drop them as comments and I will add to the list.

  1. ''No immediate health effects''
  2. ''At safe levels to eat''
  3. ''Nuclear is safe"
  4. "Nuclear is cheap"
  5. ''Dispersion in the ocean makes it harmless''
  6. ''Dilution is the solution''
  7. ''Too low to measure''
  8. ''Safer than eating a banana''
  9. "Larger dose from flying on an airplane"
  10. "Sleeping next to someone gives you a larger radioactive dose"
  11. "Become I131 radiation rapidly depletes due to quick half life, we don't have to worry about any of the radiation."
  12. ''Nuclear power is cheap"
  13. ''Part of background''
  14. ''Definitely not caused by radiation''
  15. ''We can rule radiation out as the cause''
  16. ''No need to test''
  17. ''Harmless at current levels''
  18. ''It was a hydrogen explosion at Fukushima, impossible to have a nuclear explosion''
  19. "Because you cannot prove that the disease was caused by a specific radiation, the information is not valid until proven by the scientific method."
  20. "Nuclear is safe because they have backup power"
  21. "Nuclear is safe because background radiation is high, so don't worry about a little more"
  22. "The radiation from that release is in 'the noise' of the background radiation"
  23. "It's green and clean"
  24. "Nuclear is the only thing that can save the climate from excess carbon"
  25. "Nuclear plants have pooled insurance"
  26. "The nuclear plants were forced by the NRC to set aside enough money to fully decomission the plant when it is done with its life." ----------- Sellafield 70B
  27. "The original 40 year number wasn't the 'design life' it was just an arbitrary number that meant nothing"
  28. "When we are done with the plant, we will return the land in an untouched 'greenfield' condition"
  29. "The NRC makes nuclear industry safe by regulating them"
  30. "The IAEA regulates the worldwide nuclear industry"
  31. "No deaths caused by nuclear radiation from civilian plants"
  32. "Just keep smiling and radiation will not hurt you"
  33. "Thorium reactors are completely safe"
  34. "Defense in depth 'safety protocol' at nuke plants means that a major accident should only happen about every 2000 years."
  35. "All the nuclear waste in the world could fit in a football field"
  36. "The solution for nuclear waste is a single permanent repository"
  37. "Nuclear power emits ZERO CO2"
  38. "Reactors cannot blow up like nuclear bombs"
  39. "No radiation from Japan will reach the USA"
  40. "Price-Anderson is what brings nuclear regulation to any nuclear activity"
  41. "Our meters are so good, and can measure radiation so small, that we refuse to present any actual data because it will just scare people"
  42. "The fear of radiation is much more harmful than the radiation itself"
  43. "We are from the government, we are here to help" 
  44. "A little bit of radiation is actually good for you, are you getting enough?"
  45. "At no time was there any danger to the public"
  46. "Just because a nuke worker was sent home 'unfit to work' doesn't actually mean anything important"
  47. "Fukushima not as bad as Chernobyl"
  48. "None of the radiation went into the ocean it was all contained in the 1.4 SQ KM 'zone' <Abe>"
  49. "Fukushima is in cold shutdown"
  50. "Fukushima will absolutely not effect the 2020 Olympics"
  51. "There are good people working in nuclear, therefore you shouldn't talk bad about their chosen profession"
  52. "Don't worry about living within 20 miles of a reactor, just take your iodine pill when the authorities tell you to, and you will be fine."
  53. "If you are Anti-Nuke, that means you are pro-coal"
  54. "If you are Anti-Civilian Nuclear Reactors, then you are anti- nuke submarines and therfore, anti national security"
  55. "There have only been a handful of nuclear accidents"
  56. "What you are measuring is leftover from the cold war bomb testing"
  57. "Cancer is normal and wide spread"
  58. "You can drink 32g of Plutonium and you'll be fine"
  59. "No one was killed by Fukushima"
  60. "There was no plutonium released by Fukushima"
  61. "No one could have predicted a tsunami so high"
  62. Reactor 4 was a hydrogen explosion with hydrogen transferred from Reactor 3 ------
  63. "Solar Energy has no future because it takes more energy to create the solar system, than the solar system produces in it's lifetime"
Add ons from readers!

  1. "Nuclear power is too cheap to meter"
  2. "There will always be power and backup generators to prevent a meltdown."
  3. "Humanity can contain the atom and it won't kill the innocent."
  4. "Each nuclear plant insures itself, and just in case their insurance runs out, there is plenty of extra coverage in 'pooled insurance'  from all the reactors."
  5. "Entergy is NOT a slum lord"
  6. "Anyone who is opposed to nuclear power is a 'fearmonger' "
  7. "All those poor people in Japan are dying because they are homesick, they never should have been evacuated from Fukushima" <this coming from a nuclear engineering professor>
  8. "Diabetes in Fukushima kids being caused by radiophobic parent forcing kids to play indoors leading to unhealthy lifestyle"
  9. "Increased cancers in Japan cannot possibly be caused by Fukushima because cancer takes more time to grow."
  10. "No one died from Fukushima" ---- FOIA docs says otherwise 5 Death Lethal Rads
  11. "The radiation on the us coast is not from Fukushima but probably from red radioactive plastic eating utensils" -- We refuse to even rebutt this one, this statement by a State official is insulting in it's ignorance.
  12. "If we store it deep underground, everything will work out fine"  AGR Fallacy of Nuke Storage
  13. "Plutonium and Americium are heavy metals, so they won't go very far in the air" 
  14. "My family and I live here, therefore it must be safe" Said at the WIPP propagnda dissemination event.
  15. fearmongering
  16. Arnie is pro-Nuke
  17. sodium reactors are safe
  18. Thorium reactors have no waste
  19. reactor grade plutonium is not the same as weapons grade plutonium
  20. transmutation the alchemist's dream
  21. Brown's Gas
  22. Roy's Process
  23. "cold" fusion
  24. nuclear energy is to increase water availability
  25. radioactive particles decay to safe non-radioactive particles
  26. radiation is good for you (aka whoremesis)
  27. vitrification
  28. safe repository
  29. clean and green
  30. no CO2 emissions

I apologize to some contributors who listed their comments on other sites...while do multiple updates, some of my earliest started updates, "covered up" subsequent updates!  Sheesh, I hate is when that happens.    Maybe I'll just ask the NSA for an interim archive version, LOL!
And last, but not least, we get some some quality rhetoric and wisdom from the latest troll infesting ENENEWS and here----laughable.    At least socref could pretend to be civilized.

And try saying that to say, a Grizzly Bear, or perhaps, Leukemia.      What doesn't kill you sometimes just makes you weaker...that  is the way that radiation works. 
    30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via @AGreenRoad

And let's not forget ''the scientific method'', without which where would we be lol.


  1. 30 Ways The Nuclear Industry Deceives Everyone; via @AGreenRoad

  2. Hormesis; What Does Not Kill You, Is Good For You; via @AGreenRoad

  3. Nuclear power is too cheap to meter.

  4. You are demented and delusional. The list is a sign of someone with little training in nuclear engineering and science.

    1. Hello Troll, I got your IP address.

    2. Yes, because "training in nuclear engineering and science" accomplished 90,000+ dead in Japan and prevented Chernobyl and Fukushima, is that it?

    3. Previous poster at 2-16 6:44 pm. You are the deficient one. NukePro's blog is a good service- informative- logical- clear- compassionate- newsworthy - useful - intelligent. What do you think you are proving with your public besides parading stupidity? You are the one who is a guest in this place. You are the one who does not need to be here. Many follow this blog and support it.

  5. "There will always be power and backup generators to prevent a meltdown."
    "Humanity can contain the atom and it won't kill the innocent."

    Japan 1945-present day proves those two aren't true.

    Breaking the atom was the ultimate Pandora's box for humanity.

  6. Anyone who is opposed to nuclear power is just a 'fearmonger'

    Anyone who talks about the dangers of nuclear power is 'fearmongering'.

  7. I miss one hilarious lie; the radiation on the us coast is not from fuku but probably radio active plastic eating utensils. :)

  8. "No one died from Fukushima"

    1. Yep, always a classic, even though FOIA document show NRC documenting 5 dead from lethal radiation blast.

  9. For multiple debunking links around the 74 lies...that could easily go up to 200

    Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

    Nuclear Accidents, Recycling Nuclear Weapons/Fuel

    Global Corporations And The 1%; Art And Science Of Deception

    Individual Radioactive Elements/Isotopes, USA Radiation Exposure Prevention and Reversal, Music

    Low Dose Radiation Dangers/Symptoms For Children And Adults

    Uranium Mining and Enrichment - Nuclear Bomb -Nuclear Fuel Manufacturing

    Low Level Nuclear Radiation In Food And Water

    Effects Of Internal Low Level Nuclear Radiation

    Animals and Low Level Radiation Effects

    Nuclear Reactor Recertification

    Long Term Storage Of Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear Waste

  10. The radiation is well within acceptable levels (If everyone in the US got the "acceptable level", you could expect tens of thousands of fatal cancers every year, even using the generally used LNT model)

    1. Yep, the peons who pay the taxes have "acceptable levels" of expiration as long as the campaign contributions keep coming in..... REALITY

  11. Whenever they want, they just raise the acceptable levels. They always use cesium as a reference. They always refer to dose, in other words, external irradiation, but never injestion. Even if transuranics were not radioactive, they are still highly toxic heavy metals.
    And you wouldnt get me to injest 1/10th of a gram of any of them. As for cost:
    Figure in mining, enrichment, transport, security, storage, not to mention waste management, cause there is none, and watt for watt nuclear is the most expensive by far.
    To be fair, "A nuclear reactor cannot explode like a nuclear bomb" is accurate.
    By several orders of magnitude. I do not accept Arnies "prompt criticality" theory. However, #3 certainly suffered a high velocity explosion. Something neither steam nor hydrogen can do.


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