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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016 A Nuclear Meltdown In Europe Is Being Covered Up As We Type

Reposting this post from ENENEWS, from MVB's blog.

RED ALERT: A very significant meltdown accident must have happened in the past few weeks, as evidenced by the detection of Tellurium-132 @ Seehausen, Northern Germany in the early hours of April 26, 2016 


- it fits into a widespread pattern of disturbances, "glitch dots", upticks & spikes as well as widespread data gaps, from western Ireland to Finland, from Latvia to Italy, as also partially documented in recent other blog posts.
- half-life is only 3.2 days.

- nearest NPP is over 100 km away, ruling out a mere refueling uptick.

- the detection is 100 x (10,000 %) HIGHER than what was detected in Europe after the
Fukushima disaster, suggesting the source is likely somewhere in Europe

WHERE is this coming from!? How on Earth can such a significant detection not even make the news in Germany (or anywhere else outside my blog…)?

Please forward the link to anyone who might be able to help figure out what is obviously a very recent and very serious leak of radioactivity coming from an active reactor. A major meltdown accident may be in the process of being covered-up RIGHT NOW.


Data via EURDEP:
–> change to "max measured", "1 Month", Te-132 (I picked the first Te-132 of the 2)

Simple Actionable Protections for Entering a Possible Radiation Contaminated Zone -- Say Tokyo or Chernobyl

A bit of prudence on this trip to Japan….

Easy to remember numbers, for the average adult, taking 2000 mg of calcium daily (total from food and supplements) is below the max "tolerable dosage".
1000mg is the Recommended Daily allowance

Calcium helps block Strontium from getting into the bone.
Potassium (including our beloved K40 varietal) blocks cesium from absorbing into muscle and heart.   So it seems the much maligned banana it actually protective of radiation, not causative of radiation.
Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda) protects by akalinizing the urine which protect kidneys from uranium deposition. I assume that it would also protect from plutonium as they are just 1 neutron off.
They say monitor urine pH hourly until pH is 8 to 9, continue for 3 days. pH test strips are easy to obtain and use, and cheap.
Also curious that cancer thrives in an acid environment

A "cancer denier" website claims that 30 grams of baking soda per day would be likely to "cause severe health problems"

Any citizen scientists who can run this to ground? Obviously more research is needed.

A few responses here---------------------------------------------
  • obewanspeaks
    After the problems I had with the (DE) I would recommend all products like this and including any baking soda to be heated to say 140 degree for at least 15 minutes prior to consumption to kill all potential bacteria that might be present in these products.
    I would use an oven and a clean container to complete the process.
    With the gasser project you can see he is heating the maple syrup and baking soda over a flame killing any potential bacteria present and then sealing this remedy in capsules.
    30 grams is like 5 teaspoons and that does seem like quite a bit to consume in one day. I use to sprinkle baking soda and (DE) at times in my coffee, and but, since I have yet to heat these products properly in the oven, since my discovery, I have backed off all consumption of these two products.
    The (DE) I purchased clearly stated "Food Grade" and clearly it was not food grade and was loaded with bacteria that should not have been in the product. I contacted the company and told them of my findings and gave them the advice for free to include a warning and proper heating procedures with all sales of their "Food Grade" (DE) products before animal consumption/usage.
    Plenty of people and animals were surely getting sick or having health problems while not realizing the whys..

  • 2400mg/2.4grams is the RDA for sodium.
    Short term might be ok, I think people are very different, a doc,,,your doc, would be a start.
    My friendly box of soda says .6g is a serving.
    50x sounds a little high,,, long term?

  • funny that they link to a study showing effectiveness of bicarb in treating cancer
    Note that Max Gerson was against sodium bicarb because he believed it depolarized the cells. He thought that increasing the cell membrane voltage differential was the way to increase health and treat cancer. Part of his protocol was to take a lot of potassium.
    I would be cautious about taking a lot of sodium bicarbonate except as a specific therapy

    Mercola says---

Comcast --- Owned by Wallstreet, Owners of NBC and Universal Studios and More, Is Identified As a Great Evil of Our Time

The potential acquisition would fold DWA into an entertainment conglomerate that controls key properties such as NBC, Telemundo, the USA network and Universal Studios.

Here’s a doozy for you: Although the FCC, like everyone else in America, doesn’t believe Comcast has enough competition in the broadband market, the company tried to argue that it has too much. According to Ars Technica, Comcast reasoned that phone companies and “municipal broadband networks” pose a threat to their service, meaning the company’s proposed merger with Time Warner Cable is necessary to save Comcast from those evil rotary phone barons. That poor, helpless virtual monopoly.
If you’ve ever wondered why even the federal government has more fans than Comcast, here are some good reasons. The notorious cable provider is infamous for trying to destroy Internet freedom, having some of the worst customer service on the planet, and making you wait for hours, sometimes even days, for the cable guy.
But how bad is it, really? Let’s take a look inside the company the Internet loves to hate.

Comcast starts to enable public WiFi Hotspots (using your modem)

I first learned about the Public Hotspot feature a year ago when I wrote about the Comcast modem I had and what a security nightmare it was. Since then I have owned and tested roughly 12 Comcast provided modems before finally purchasing my own. Public Hotspot enables users with XFinity modems to broadcast a second wifi signal, this signal can be picked up by other Comcast customers and joined for wifi anywhere they go. A few days ago this feature was enabled for 50,000 Comcast customers in Houston, Texas and will be enabled for millions of homes across the country by the end of the year according to Comcast.

who owns Comcast, its Wallstreet

And what is Comcast investing in?

Reindeer and the Radiation Magnet, Chitin, Connection

We have all heard of radioactive reindeer.
Reindeer love eating lichen
Lichen is comprised of fungi
Fungi use chitin in its cell structures
Chitin is a radiation magnet
Krill use Chitin
Bees use Chitin
Everything that uses chitin is being decimated.

Got it?

Radiation is decimating everything important

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Radiation Has Already Invaded Our Food Supply -- FDA Data Proves It

Credit to Mack----------

Here's an FDA report on Strontium-90 and Cesium-137 found in U.S. Food from 2006-2014.
The report doesn't tell you the brand name or exactly when Strontium or Cesium was found.
It just tells you if Strontium or Cesium was found in a food OVER the FDA's reporting limit.
>> For Cesium-137, they only report a number if OVER 5 Bq/kg was found

Over 5 Bq/kg Cesium-137 was found in these foods =

- Raisin bran – maximum found was 10.8 Bq/kg
- BF, squash – maximum found was 93.3 Bq/kg
- Salad dressing, buttermilk-type low cal – “ 40.5 Bq/kg

>> For Strontium-90, they only report it if OVER .1 Bq/kg was found
Strontium-90 =

- Whole milk = maximum found was .232 Bq/kg
- American processed cheese = “ .105 Bq/kg
- Cheddar Cheese = “ .227 Bq/kg
- Pork loin, oven-roasted = “ .644 Bq/kg
- Bologna, beef/pork = “ .110 Bq/kg
- Pinto beans, dry/boiled = “ .119 Bq/kg
- Pork and beans, canned = “ .116 Bq/kg
- Peas = “ .130 Bq/kg
- Peanut butter smooth/creamy = “ .191 Bq/kg
- Peanut butter dry roasted/salted = “ .173 Bq/kg
- Cream of white = “ .541 Bq/kg
- Corn hominy grits = “ .130 Bq/kg
- Bread white/enriched = .501 Bq/kg
- Cornbread = “ .154 Bq/kg
- Bread wholewheat = “ .100 Bq/kg
- Bread rye = “ .960 Bq/kg
- Blueberry muffin = “ .170 Bq/kg
- Saltine crackers = “ .100 Bq/kg

Mack Mack
- Corn tortilla chips = “ .450 Bq/kg
- Egg noodles = “ .469 Bq/kg
- Corn flakes = “ .125 Bq/kg
- Shredded wheat cereal = “ .201 Bq/kg
- Raisin bran cereal = “ .227 Bq/kg
- Granola w/ raisins = “ .115 Bq/kg
- Oat ring cereal = “ .201 Bq/kg
- Red apple w/ peel = “ .127 Bq/kg
- Banana = “ .485 Bq/kg
- Watermelon = “ .108 Bq/kg
- Apple sauce = “ .213 Bq/kg
- Grapefruit = “ .109 Bq/kg
- Collards = “ .405 Bq/kg
- Broccoli = “ .220 Bq/kg
- Green beans, fresh = “ .160 Bq/kg
- Green beans, canned = “ .170 Bq/kg
- Green pepper = “ .250 Bq/kg
- Brussels sprouts = “ .341 Bq/kg
- Onion = “ .128 Bq/kg
- Raw mushrooms = “ .320 Bq/kg
- Eggplant = “ 1.156 Bq/kg
- Turnip = “ .625 Bq/kg
- Beets, canned = “ .147 Bq/kg
- Potato chips = “ .130 Bq/kg
- Pretzels = “ .119 Bq/kg
- Spaghetti w/ meat sauce = “ .212 Bq/kg
- Canned chili = “ .145 Bq/kg
- Canned vegetable soup = “ .515 Bq/kg
- Dill cucumber pickles = “ .142 Bq/kg
- White sugar = “ .171 Bq/kg
- Syrup = “ .351 Bq/kg
- Honey = “ .183 Bq/kg
- Apple pie = “ .330 Bq/kg
- Milk chocolate candy bar = “ .242 Bq/kg
- Donut = “ .106 Bq/kg
- Red/white Wine = “ .106 Bq/kg
- Swiss cheese = “ .333 Bq/kg
- Fast food chicken nuggets = “ .273 Bq/kg
- Fast food quarter pound cheeseburger = “ .269 Bq/kg
- French fries = “ .139 Bq/kg
- Pizza carry-out – “ .157 Bq/kg

Mack Mack
- Chicken breast = “ .536 Bq/kg
- Shrimp, boiled = “ .255 Bq/kg
- Multigrain bread = “ .105 Bq/kg
- Graham crackers = “ .109 Bq/kg
- Canned pears light syrup = “ .269 Bq/kg
- Canned clam chowder – “ .480 Bq/kg
- Black olives – “ .529 Bq/kg
- Bottled drinking water – “ .202 Bq/kg
There are a few more I didn't list; you can find rest and the report here:

Our Planet Is At Grave Risk of Hemisphere Wide Blackout and 50 Nuclear Plants Melting Down

Let me start with this.   I am an expert in theory and practice of protecting electrical and electronics from EMF destruction.   I have designed and built protective systems for the most crucial of US government command/control/communication systems.   Systems so critical that in tying in the new systems, it required months of planning for a temporary shutdown, and literally an approval from the US Congress. 
Our Planet Is At Grave Risk of Hemisphere Wide Blackout and 50 Nuclear Plants Melting Down

This does pose an interesting theory.   The sun may be "judge" in which hemisphere becomes the ruler/survivor after a Carrington type Event.    One hemisphere, plus a bit more since the earth is spinning, and the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) takes place over time, will be blacked out, and society will implode upon itself leaving few living, as 98% of the sheeple realize that they can't eat the rumors of how the Kardashians keep their skin so glowing.

Speaking of glowing, do you know what happens when power grids go down?    Nuclear plants ABSOLUTELY REQUIRE the presence of an outside power grid in order to keep operating.   When the grid fails, they go into an emergency shutdown mode.    Now imagine what would happen if its not just the grid down, but all the electronics are fried also, all the computers are broke?   Do you think the emergency shutdown systems of the nuclear plants will actually function correctly?

Would you think that the nuke plant workers and supervisors, who usually live quite close to the plant, will stay on duty, trying to control the risk, or will they leave to gather their family and try to escape the area.    Most will just leave.   The 2nd and 3rd shift will not report for duty, and in fact there will be no way to contact them.

There are 440 operating nuclear plants in the world, so perhaps 250 of them will be affected by the upcoming Carrington Event.    I say upcoming, because it is just a matter of time.  Watch the video below, there are 2 big things at play:
1) The earths magnetic field is a shield that protects us from Sun CME, and it is weakening
2) The sun is in a multi century type of "funk" of low sunspots, which actually put us at far greater risk of a large CME.

So WHEN the next Carrington event occurs, one half of the earth, will be wiped out, and the other half will be "victors".   Except for this most inconvenient truth.....the nuclear plants melting down will release so much radiation and heavy metals and ionized particles, that the earth and almost all life forms will be toast.  Even if only 20% of the 250 nuke plant affected do actually melt down, that will be an extinction level event.

We know a Carrington type event will occur eventually, and we know that if 50 nuke plants melt down  uncontrollably that all life will be extinguished.   So mankind with its 3 pound insane monkey brain decides to extend the life of clunker nuclear plants, and engage on a nuclear renaissance.  

Mankind could harden the electrical grids, for billions of dollars.    This won't for the most part protect our "precious" electronics, but an operable grid will certainly aid recovery, under a different ruling country of course.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Classic Lie of Nuclear -- They Pretend that Chernobyl is a Wildlife Paradise Now, It Is NOT

From Obvious at ENE

Found some strong Chernobyl is not where wildlife or humans thrive sort of news today

15 April Svetlana Alexievich: ‘Ten to 15 of my childhood friends from Minsk died of cancer.
Chernobyl kills’
25 Apil Belarus ignoring risks of farming near Chernobyl?
25 April Medical Implications of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear

25 April 30 years later, fallout continues from Chernobyl: Belarusian milk shows elevated radiation levels
Heart of the Rose
Blind mice and bird brains: the silent spring of Chernobyl and Fukushima
April 25 2016
"Fukushima cannot necessarily be blamed, as some would wish, but the compounding and potentially synergistic effect of radiation in the Pacific could still be taking its toll, Mousseau avowed.
"We don't know how different environmental stresses interact with each other", he said. "They could be synergistic and related. There is almost no research on this even in the Pacific off Fukushima – virtually nothing on the biological consequences in really contaminated areas."
With "little real science" to rely on, Mousseau says, "we will never know" just how much marine damage the Fukushima disaster may do.
He finds the continued lack of other independent animal studies in radioactive zones frustrating. "We have a responsibility to protect the environment and wildlife, not just man", he said. It may be expensive and difficult to conduct these kinds of studies, but, says Mousseau, "that is not an excuse."

CERN --- Does it Deserve to Be a "Conspiracy Theory" Or Is That All Silly Talk?

I haven't had the chance to develop a real opinion, based on facts, related to CERN. 

Looking for any comments or additional information /links.   Please chime in. 


CodeShutdown had this to say, and it does include some FACTS.

PinkClouds…we can get an idea of the tremendous strength and energy storage of the CERN magnets; about 3000 kilowatt hours of stored energy. For an emergency dumping of magnetic energy, a switch sends the energy into large resistors, where it heats eight tons of steel to a temperature of 300°C (570°F) in less than two minutes. The load on the mounting bolts from the magnetic force is about 400 tons for each meter of magnet.

The magnetic field lines are concentrated where the action is. A regular compass on the ground above the CERN installation isnt deflected.

We can compare some magnetic field strengths

0.25 to 0.60 gauss – the Earth's magnetic field at its surface
25 gauss – the Earth's magnetic field in its core
50 gauss – a typical refrigerator magnet
2000 gauss – a small neodymium magnet
600–70,000 gauss – a medical magnetic resonance imaging machine
80,000 gauss CERN

CERN didn't collapse the earths magnet field of course. I don't know what to make of the 'missing' magnetotail in the NASA graphics.

Causing earthquakes and influencing the sun? Pretty unlikely!

Herschel's view of the Galactic Plane -- As Sociopathic Mammals With Three Pound Monkey Brains Destroy their Only Environment With Radiation

Amidst all this beauty---

Sociopathic Mammals With Three Pound Monkey Brains Destroy their Only Environment With Radiation.   Little boys playing with big nuke toys, chasing the precious "free lunch" of turning matter into energy.

And Academia has been reduced to Grant Whore status, creating "findings" that match the damaging goals of their puppet masters, the corporations and governments that are unleashing a massive slew of toxins not just into our environment, but directly into our bodies, via food and water.   

Shame, Shame.   And those who joust for the good, are labelled as "Conspiracy Theorists" by an army of Corporate/Gov paid trolls to disrupt even the conversation on the web. oldster

 April 25, 2016 at 9:31 am · Reply I wonder if the Pacific's problems have anything to do with what happened in Japan in Fukushima Prefecture a few years ago?

Weren't there some incident or other involving several reactors? Never mind. Let us join in celebrating MOX fuel, plutonium energy salvation. Very clever technology. Like harnessing the devil on steroids. Homo sapiens sapiens finest hour.
Then let us gaze with wonder at Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 3, after having converted to the salvation:

Now that's what I call a glitch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Nuclear Propagandists think Solar Only Works 9AM to 3PM They Are Mistaken As Usual

I had a troll pestering about solar production before 9AM and after 3PM.   

This should make it clear.   Its from April 13, 2016, real system in Honolulu, kind of cloudy day too.

Study: Fukushima Released Radiation Compared to Other Ocean Dumping of Radiation

Favor to ask:
I am on last few days of solar work, and SLAMMED insane busy.   

But had this thought in the shower.....

The released inventory from Fukushima should be compared to the released inventory at the time of release to all of the open air bomb tests, AND all the admitted ocean dumping.    

SIMPLE ENOUGH.....and would be very interesting.  

Any takers to tally that up?   Code, Hotaters, PT, bo, K40????

Here is Fuku inventory

Here are some ocean dumping reports
comparing Fukushima to past nuclear events;
Busby; in the worst case scenario of fukushima
The total immediate catastrophic release of the entire contents of the Fukushima reactors and fuel pools would not amount to more than has already been injected into the global environment by atmospheric weapon tests. The health effects of these are known and amount to some 52 million cancer deaths.

I'll add this to my article, and hoping someone else can chime in with dumping waste total inventories,

Then I will do halflife analysis, as well as dispersion through the water table.

That will provide a "pretty good" estimate of "Fuku Impact"

Cs was around 1 bq/m3 in the upper 200', and now is reported at 9 to 16. So using that metric, Fukushima jacked up the current "life zone radiation" by 900 to 1600%.

Bring it home data, by stock, but now I need more data. TY to all
TY Code

stock, a lot of data on plutonium quantities at different sites, stockpiles etc

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    The total alpha activity of 239Pu from aboveground nuclear testing is estimated at 7400 tera (10^12) Becquerels and accounts for about 3.3 metric tons of plutonium. The total alpha activity resulting from 238Pu in the environment is about 1200 TBq, or about 2 kilograms of plutonium. Approximately 92% of environmental Pu is attributed to atmospheric testing.
    About 15 kilograms (90 TBq) of plutonium was released from the reactor at Chernobyl.
CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
dont forget about this poster calculating C137 bioaccumulation in killer whales and salmon to reach over 1000 bq/kg


Arrogance of the Insane Hairless Apes

Ho Lee Fuk

We don't own this place though we act as if we did
It belongs to the children of our children's kids
The actual owners haven't even been born yet
But we never tend the garden and we rarely pay the rent

Most of it is broken and the rest of it is bent
Put it all on plastic and I wonder where we'll be when the bills hit
We can run but we can't hide from it
Of all possible worlds we only got one, we gotta ride on it

Whatever we've done we'll never get far from what we leave behind
Baby we can run, run, run but we can't hide
Well I'm dumping my trash in your back yard
Making certain you don't notice really isn't so hard
You're so busy with your guns and all of your excuses to use them

Well it's oil for the rich and babies for the poor
We've got everyone believing that more is more
If a reckoning comes maybe we'll know what to do then
All these complications seem to leave no choice
I heard the tongues of billions speak with just one voice

Saying just leave all the rest to me, I need it worse than you, you see
Then I heard the sound of one child crying
Today I went out walking in the amber wind
There's a hole in the sky where the light pours in
I remember the days when I wasn't afraid of the sunshine

But now it beats down on the ashphalt land
Like hammering blow from God's left hand
What little still grows
Cringes in the shade till the night-time

Lyrics By: John Barlow
Music By: Brent Mydland & The Grateful Dead

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Non-Ionizing Radiation -- Basing Decisions Based on Facts

Vital1 posting this valuable information today at ENENEWS

For information to be valuable, it must be easily consumable and actionable.   This is.

And he uses my "infamous format" for the Geiger Counter Interpretation.....copying is a flattery, I'll take it.

Earthquake Alert, Change in Activity, Risk of Swarms / monster Earthquakes is Elevated for the Next Week +

Please review some of my prior EQ (Earthquake) work, use the search box.   We have nailed it in the past.

The uptick in earthquake numbers (I use all worldwide quakes over 2.5 USGS magnitude over 24 hours as the primary indicator) is VERY NOTABLE

EQ numbers have been very low for months, this means energy is building and some plates are "stuck".   Note that EQs and volcanic activity are intimately entwined. 

Indeed, a massive earthquake in Kumamoto Japan

Note that Japan is reporting a "level 7" basically its highest rating, the rule of thumb is to add 1 to the Japan scale to about equal the USGS scale, so that would be a USGS 8.    Of course we know the 2011 Japan Earthquake was a USGS 9.0 so of course that rule of thumb is not perfect.

We also know that shit is going to hell in a handbasket and the Governments that be are pulling out all the stops to keep the people from panicking.   Including downplaying risk from earthquakes, solar storms (related to earthquakes), and space rocks.  

So Japan is reporting the "highest level" and USGS is reporting a 6.2.    Lying scientists are eligible for Nuremberg Trials.  
After the war, these crimes were tried at what became known as the Doctors' Trial, and revulsion at the abuses perpetrated led to the development of the Nuremberg Code of medical ethics.

-------------------------------------------------- And here the Suspicious Observers guy details how our star, the Sun, magnetism causes large earthquake on Earth.

As Fukushima Last Straw Attack on the Northern Ecosystem Rolls Out, 5% of Challenged Village Tries to Kill Themselves.

stock here: as the ecosystem becomes more and more damaged / destroyed by radiation and other toxins, those who rely on a functioning ecosystem are stressed. Stressed to the point that death seems better than a life with no future, no economy, no money, no food. We were at the Murres, now we are at the Northern Tribes. Death that is. Resettlement will "solve" some of the immediate problem

But more counsellors and gyms are not going to provide the people of the Pimicikamak Cree Nation with what they need most: a fundamentally better life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Canadian Village Sees Suicide Spike 1:27

A Canadian tribe declared a state of emergency in their remote territory after the community was ravaged by a spate of suicides attempts.
The Attawapiskat First Nation made the declaration and asked Ottawa for help after 11 residents tried to kill themselves on Saturday, including a 10-year-old, the CBC reported.
"Trying to be positive here, but getting emotional drain," a desperate Chief Bruce Shisheesh said on Twitter. "Need your prayers here."
There have been more than 100 suicide attempts and one death since September among the 2,000 residents of Attawapiskat, which is located in a remote section of Ontario on Hudson Bay, according to the CBC.

Image: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Graham Hughes / AP
"The news from Attawapiskat is heartbreaking," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted. "We'll continue to work to improve living conditions for all Indigenous peoples."

Glutamate Inhibittion -- A link Bectween Man made Radiation and Parkinsons, ADHD, strokes, autism

stock here

I will have some type of "slice of life" analysis of my 5 week trip to Hawaii, almost all work related.

Quick summary:

1) A neighbor and a good friend both developed Parkinsons since 2011.    
2) A tenant has a daughter who has exasperated autism since 2011
3) The Aloha on Oahu at least, seems decreased by 50% since 2011
4) People are stressed in Hawaii, financial is a big part of it, but dealing with aging and diseases is also part of it.
5) People just "look" a lot more weather beaten than ever before
6) LOTS more people in personal transportation devices
7) No freaking whales, I haven't seen a single whale after spending about 20 total hours on the beach
8) Near shore sea life, consisting of very small fish, too small to spear, looked pretty OK.   Very little live coral, but that has been an on going disaster for decades.   


Is GLUTAMATE inhibition (or damage to the glutamate receptor cells) the link between Nuclear-Radiation exposure + Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, strokes, autism…?
'Code Shutdown' posted a very important link and comment on GLUTAMATE –>
Here's Code:

"hey, this is important; Bandazhevsky finds the balance of excitatory/inhibitory neurotransmitters is severely affected by nuclear fallout. Specifically glutamate and glycine. Remember all the animals having siezures and dying from supposed shellfish poisoning? (domoic acid binding to glutamate receptors). stock needs to put this on his site"
Wikipedia says:
"Glutamate receptors have been found to have an influence in ischemia/stroke, seizures, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and aching,[45] addiction[46] and an association with both ADHD[47] and autism."
Nuclear Radiation –> glutamate inhibition or damage to receptor cells –> Parkinson's Disease, ADHD, Autism, Strokes, etc. ???

Report comment

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
and again, dont forget the seizures….and the brain damaged scientists…
"violent seizures, vomiting, permanent neurological damage and even heart failure within two days…
So the mystery is, where is the domoic acid that they’re acquiring? We’re not measuring it in the mussels and shellfish near shore.”

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Hey don't forget a cup of calming tea 30 kGr (USA, NZ, AU) of cobalt 60 ionised radiation bombardment. Pity irradiated food was directly linked to killing cats in Australia. Violent seizures, vomiting, permanent neurological damage.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Foxes in Fukushima are So Starved, They Hang Out For Handouts At the Nuclear Plant, And They Are Pissed

I know how to read dogs, I know how to read Foxes, this one is just pissed off.

Source is here

picture here

 Below is a picture of my younger dog, waiting at the Vet.   What an expression!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The NRC Tells USA Citizens to Eff Off and Just Absorb the Risk and Radiation

stock here: They use Fukuhsima as a justification for not taking proper risk control.

Not sure if anyone caught this, but the NRC recently told everyone to fuck off and just deal with the risk.

NRC Notice:

In the Matter of All Operating Reactor Licensees With Mark I and Mark II Containments
The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a director's decision with regard to a petition dated July 29, 2011, filed by Mr. David Lochbaum, Director for Nuclear Safety Project of Union of Concerned Scientists (the petitioner), requesting that the NRC take action with regard to all operating General Electric (GE) boiling-water reactor (BWR) licensees with Mark I and Mark II primary containment designs.

The Director of the Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation denies the petition because the NRC staff has reasonable assurance that the design and operation of SFP cooling systems for BWRs with Mark I and II containment designs provide adequate assurance of public health and safety and satisfy current regulations. 

The concern associated with development of harsh environmental conditions following a beyond-design-basis event that induces a sustained loss of spent fuel pool forced cooling was resolved through the issuance of orders and implementing guidance associated with the lesson-learned as a result of the Fukushima Dai-ichi accident. 

Attempts at self preservation, will be ignored…

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chtin Structures Damaged By Low Level Radiation -- Krill, Bees, Sponges, Fungi and More

stock here
I believe that I may have discovered the smoking gun describing how radiation can be killing off so many important parts of the food chain, and decay chain on land and in water.

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  • Stock – I think you very well have found a key connection between persistent radiation exposure for the bottom of the chain critters, which, of course, when gone, will cause everyone above them to die off also.
    It's a real shame that gov scientists are still whining about not knowing what's up. They know full well what's going on. Good luck to them if they really believe it isn't at least in part due to Fukushima (chemtrails to consider) and are still consuming Pacific Ocean derived products. Northern Hemisphere getting dosed for long enough now, the data will swing up… the death data, that is. Good luck.

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    • Liver cancer WAY up already. Others shall follow.
      I spoke with 2 marine biologists in Hawaii this trip…they are very familiar with chitin, but give me that "are you from fucking outer-space" look when I mention destruction via radiation.

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  • Fukushima Pacific Ocean Heavy Metal Radioactive Plutonium; How It Bioconcentrates In Mussels, Sea Stars, Chitons, Clams, Oysters, Fish; Arnie Gunderson On Hot Particle Radiation And Bioaccumulation

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    • moonshellblue moonshellblue
      Dr. Goodheart, I just wanted to Thank You for all you extensive info found on your excellent blog. You have done an absolutely awesome job relaying every aspect of this horrific nuclear accident.

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      • TY; appreciate that. It 'only' took five years and help from a WHOLE A TEAM of Enenewsers.. Thanks for all of the help one and all.
        Could not have done a fraction of that without the team here, including of course, ENENEWS. Thanks Admin.

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        • Angela_R
          Well Dr. Goodheart, I am not part of your team. On the previous thread I drew attention to some comments placed in an article on your website. These show my user name.
          It is astounding to note that after my user name appears, a comment that may have originated on this website, yet it continues and no demarcation is made between my comment and the following, no authorship for the text in-between and then my username again, which implies that everything written above was written by Angela_R. Yes, there are some lines there that I wrote on THIS SITE! – Dr.
          But there are statements there, that I did not write.
          Sloppy editing? No Doctor, because as you are aware I have never posted on your website.
          I am not and never have been, part of Group Think.

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          • HoTaters HoTaters
            Angela_R, I'm beginning to wonder if some individuals "hacking" or trolling this site are stealing IP addresses and/or identities. It's not hard to copy someone's image and create a bogus identity and avatar picture. It's possible to capture an image and just re-post it. Users can change their onscreen user names.
            If Admin doesn't have time to monitor this activity, it's possible to fake peoples' identities. I think it's probably somewhat easy to do it. I wonder if there is a way for Admin to make this site more secure w/o having us pay for user privileges. I'd pay to join. Maybe those of us who are financially stable can "kick in" for guest users, after they prove themselves to be reasonable (not combative) online commenters.
            I have to wonder, because some of the comments made to me by Praising Truth didn't at ALL sound like things the Anne I've known here would ever say. I have to wonder if someone hasn't hacked her identity here.
            A lot of posters have made comments which sound totally out of character for them. So I'm really beginning to wonder if this identity hacking isn't happening more than we realize.
            It's just hard to believe people like Anne, who always seemed like a nice person and genuinely concerned about other people, could suddenly be so different.

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            • HoTaters HoTaters
              I don't want to single out PT, but it's the only individual I can remember seeing comments from right now, which were so out of character. And she claims she didn't make some of the comments to me which I saw.
              Forgive me, PT, I don't want to offend you. I'm giving Anne, you, and anyone else who thinks this may be happening the benefit of the doubt. PT said she didn't make some of the comments I'd asked her about.
              Now that I've heard this from you, too, I strongly suspect someone is being "us" for a day, then changing identities. What a nasty way to stir up and fling poo all around here, if this is really happening.
              The perfect "divide and conquer" strategy?
              Stock, what do you think?
              Doc G?
              Heart of the Rose?
              All you other long time posters? (Don't want to neglect anyone here. Thinking of who has been posting a lot recently, who comes to mind.) What do you think?

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            • HoTaters HoTaters
              Many of us have had disagreements over the years, but I find it hard to believe some of the comments I've seen recently were made by people who have posted here for years now.

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            • HoTaters HoTaters
              Doc, just to be clear, the statement above has nothing to do with you, just wondering how some long time commenters here might have had their ID's hijacked.

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            • ISeePinkClouds ISeePinkClouds
              Yes. HoTators. I have had my machine hijacked here. The hacker took over Permissions in Windows 7,made himself administrator,and remotely controlled my machine. That is one way a hacker can assume your identity,and he can operate without being detected.
              You will remember this was when Vox Dei was here. Vox Dei said at the time,in reference to the attacks we were experiencing,and I may not have the quote absolutely accurate,"a gift from my friends at the CIA/NSA."
              Stock and Sickputer will remember. I think they too had to reinstall their operating system. Yes,and Dr. Goodheart lost videos and other information from AGRP.
              So,yes,it is not hard to steal an identity. I would not be surprised to find that this type,and maybe new hacks,are being used to "divide and conquer" here on ENENews,or Nuke Pro,even AGRP. Yes,we should consider this possibility.

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              • I had a massive machine takeover, and never seen nothing like it. Stuxnet "quality" stuff. From clicking on a link posted by a troll.
                cost me over 1.5 days, AFTER I decided to throw in the towel …

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              • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
                Kode ShutDown here…expect millions of more posts on k40 and 4x as many refuting them

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              • HoTaters HoTaters
                ISeePinkClouds, I do remember that. In 2012, I made a comment very critical of the DOE, I think. Later that afternoon I was locked out of my Maclaptop. The next day I found an odd file in someone's name. It was a Senior L-Martin Administrator from Langley, VA. Worked in high level security clearance jobs as lead editor for technical writing projects. Thousands and thousands of names and contact information in a computer file, dumped on my laptop.
                Unnerving, to say the least.
                Beware the thought police.
                Remember mon ami saying what an idiot I am? How "everyone "realizes it, including Arclight? Well, Arc and I had a little chat about security issues, and I got some insight from that conversation. Arc was getting some pretty overtly hostile treatment for his position, as some of us may recall from his comments.
                He had to change his strategy to continue his work.

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            • AirSepTech AirSepTech
              To be honest HT, I do not think it is so much about ID 'hijacking', it is more about 'using' someone's ID
              Attaching 'their comment' before or after a comment not made by them, and no indication thereof. That was Angela's complaint.
              Now if the comment you are 'associated' with is not to your liking, or is not 'creditable', how do you feel? How do you feel not knowing it may be going on?
              Data mining.
              Unsolicited use of ones comments.
              Information that may be incorrect or not creditable.
              It may or may not be legal.
              Is it ethical?

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              • HoTaters HoTaters
                AirSepTech, technically speaking, you're right re: using an ID vs. ID hijacking. Unapproved use of ID's probably happens much more often & is not the same as browser hijacking.
                Was thinking of hijacking in the general sense. We have had instances of hijacking here too. There have been at least 3-5 hostile computer takeovers. Someone with a lot of hacking ability has done damage to several of our computers. That is serious. I had a Langley spook operative take my laptop over & drop an info. bomb on it.
                RE: Angela's original complaint, it has happened to me, too. Several of my comments ended up on 3rd party sites without my knowledge. If they're not taken out of context, then IMO there's not an issue. Common courtesy would dictate letting someone know you'd like to use their comment and re-post it. There is a place for making comments & copyrighting one's material. Was joking about that last night. This isn't the place!
                I'm not going to address the posting on 3rd party websites directly. Angela's concern noted.
                Was adding to her concerns & pointing out there are a lot of other issues now.
                The intent was not to diminish the seriousness of what she was saying. How would I feel? Well, it has happened to me several times. My comments and intent weren't distorted, so I didn't have a problem with it except I wasn't informed it had been done.

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                • HoTaters HoTaters
                  When the comment is put into a context not originally intended, yeah, that bugs me. So does having comments posted all over 3rd party websites w/o my knowledge.
                  RE: the copyright thing, we have to expect that this is a forum and people might want to comment further on something we've said.
                  Hate the data mining, but it's probably going on all the time.
                  Don't know about whether or not taking someone's comments elsewhere (3rd party site) w/o their knowledge or consent is legal or not.
                  Am not aware it's illegal, but my personal ethics wouldn't allow me to do that.
                  I don't get upset if someone takes part of a post I made here and adds their own perspective. If it stays here & I see it, 'dont have a problem with it, usually. That's often how the dialogue takes place. That kind of thing should be expected.

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                  • HoTaters HoTaters
                    Doc (I think) and stock have quoted a couple of things I said. It was awhile ago. That was respectfully done & it wasn't a problem.
                    Found one of my comments on a 3rd party site once that had stories that were WAAAAAY out of domain I operate in, so to speak. There was a note of hysteria at that site and what I can only describe as a tone of general paranoia about everything. I certainly don't want to be associated with that kind of "news" site.
                    Am not going to say what site it was now. Not a site belonging to anyone who posts here, as far as I know.

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              • HoTaters HoTaters
                Well, it's a little disingenuous to say it doesn't bother me when someone makes a reference to something I said then completely twists it and makes statements having no bearing on what I said.
                'Bugs me when it's done here. It's like character assassination. Borders on libel sometimes. That has happened to me.
                There's a lot of total DREK going on here right now. Appears to be an intentional disruption of the site. What should be done?

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            • Its All True Its All True
              Ho taters – How nice of you to offer to pay extra for poor people to participate, as long as you approve of what they're saying…

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              • HoTaters HoTaters
                Its All True, that would be a decision Admin as Moderator or the Moderator would make. But we could crowd source people who might not be able to afford a membership fee. Something along the lines of what NETC does. That's just $20 per year.
                Was thinking those who can afford it can anonymously help to crowd source membership if someone can't afford it.
                Admin or someone running the site would make the call. Perhaps vet "newcomers" for 90 or 180 days. If no REPORTS or complaints, then crowd sourcing can pay for the person's membership.
                Why would you make an assumption I'd be the person giving the "stamp of approval" ? Just not the way I do things. That one person here would be "calling the shots" is your perception. Please own that.
                A consensus approach wouldn't work, there are too many of us.
                But it would probably mean Admin would need the help of a Moderater. Not sure if that can be done.
                It was all just a thought and wanting to help those who might not be able to get full membership perks (whatever that might be) w/o crowd sourcing.

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                • HoTaters HoTaters
                  NETC membership is, or was $20 per year (to clarify).
                  Would never pursue this without being able to discuss it with Admin and have Admin's approval.
                  But IMO we need to start finding a solution to the constant bickering, flame wars, trolling, and general disruption. Or this site may crash and burn.
                  Don't want to see that happen. It has been a very good source of new & wonderful input, a valuable resource for years.

          • HoTaters HoTaters
            Angela_R, sorry, I didn't mean to change the subject and detract from your comment.
            Think your concerns are valid, and just my personal opinion things like what you're describing happen and are of concern.
            A lot of other issues, too, wanted to point some of them out. It's getting to be kind of a free-for-all here.
            Maybe it's time for Admin or someone (Moderator?) to rein it in a little bit? Has to be Admin's decision.

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      • HoTaters HoTaters
        Yes, he has put a lot of great information together, moonshellblue. Good to see you here, by the way. Hope you're well, happy, joyous, blessed.

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  • HoTaters HoTaters
    stock, imo you might need to share credit for that one with Obe and me, at least in part. Obe came up with his hypothesis re: marine creatures' exoskeletons a few years ago.
    And hasn't Code been talking about chitin, or is that just you? What other elements come into play here?
    A vital question I think needs to be asked here, is, what radionuclides are mimicking the building blocks of skeletons and exoskeletons, and how (in terms of chemistry) is that damaging those structures in living creatures? Strontium 90, Plutonium, and more.
    Here is some discussion by way of analogy:
    Do you remember Obe mentioning this in relation to "sea snot" and the disintegration of the sea stars?
    I mentioned Calcium Carbonate as having a vital role in water quality, and how it is considered a buffer and helps to keep water free of eutrophication and algal overgrowth.
    Also think I mentioned calcium carbonate and the shells of marine creatures and invertebrates.
    But if you have fleshed that out any one else's hypotheses, more power to you. But IMO, and I don't mean to be disrespectful, I think there have been some other contributors leading the formulation of this particular hypothesis. It more or less piggybacks on other discussions. If you have the wherewithall to put it all together, then you go! In the end it isn't so important who claims the discovery, as who will benefit from it. Humanity? Life on earth?

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    • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
      Ho Taters, did you have a theory or have you just now explained your earlier contribution to stocks theory of chitin? Do you recall obes theory of exoskeletons? Does obe remember?

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      • HoTaters HoTaters
        I'm sure Obe remembers. He had a hypothesis re: the failure of exoskeletons to form due to radionuclides replacing minerals vital for their formation.
        Obe, do you want to speak up here?

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    • Code brought up chitin in particular and then I pieced it together with everything that is massively hit. I am shocked this information has not "gone viral", but it would shame the $cientists that be.
      Indeed an "ah hah" moment that I thought would change the world within a month……good luck. Truth, knowledge, intuition is very disrespected.
      I have spoke with marine biologists and got the oft repeated, "but the radiation is very dilute."

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      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
        funny the biologists would refute the theory with the dilution theme when the theory is all about accumulation…re-concentration, of certain isotopes.
        Now if you said the theory was based on global warming, they would have listened. Its the only known cause of anything

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      • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
        we were talking about the difference between k-40 background and anthropogenic radiation sources for many months and discussed the idea of a biological ion exchange resin analog to what is used to concentrate cesium by marine scientists, with HillBilly and Oldster and perhaps others chiming in with the idea. That was many months ago. I kept searching for biological substances that could act as ion exchange, precipitants and absorbents. The photos of all the orange crab shells got me to thinking of chitin. Chitin and pectin and algin have been used as radionuclide chelators. It turns out some of these biological substances have a high specificity for certain heavy metals. We were also wondering about cell membranes. One such post from November of last year

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      • HoTaters HoTaters
        I see, stock, Code. You two IMO ARE onto something.

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        • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
          central to the idea is that background radiation and anthropogenic sources should not be assumed to be the same. Finding biological functions that are specific to anthropogenic is one way to tease apart the differences. The significance of this line of thinking is that background radiation is very high compared to anthropogenic, and science is always making the comparison, suggesting that mans contribution is minor. Its a pivotal point. Practically speaking, one could adhere to the ECRR information and be done with it….almost…

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          • AirSepTech AirSepTech
            To some degree, I see this no different than antimony, arsenic, many others. All manner of chemicals/compounds.
            You go along fine, maybe years, no problem. Background.
            Add a tiny bit more of the same or similar or ???
            BAM. And every individual is a bit different.
            The labrats need to get their heads out of the box, before they are in a box. :(

            • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
              AirSep, a threshold dose, or tipping point theory. Im not seeing it that way.
              Consider that the worldwide average effective dose rate from natural background is about 2400 microSv. Worldwide average dose from weapons fallout peaked at 113 microSv, about 5% of background in 1963. We have it that 60 million people died from that. With Fukushima, we may approach roughly the amount from weapons testing, and obviously fallout is still dwarfed by natural radiation.
              They like to say low level radiation is a stochastic risk…a random chance of being struck with cancer or not. But this is not true. Most of the damage comes from free radicals and this is the same as premature aging, and general ill health.
              The implication is that all life would have been suffering sub acute illness since life began. As long as we lump all radiation together, one is stuck with this conundrum. But if you admit they are different, then you can begin to question if background was less dangerous than assumed and fallout more dangerous than assumed.
              Busby et al give new dose coefficients that reflect the greater toxicity of anthropogenic sources. The toxicity of background is up for debate. Obviously, life did fine with all that radiation before 1945. The precautionary principle says natures undefiled standard is the baseline of balance and health. Only with caution would one reduce their intrinsic radiation, in hopes of improving on nature…

              • AirSepTech AirSepTech
                Yes, I will admit mine is a 'less than stellar' comparison. It got your attention, no?
                I wanted to thank you, others, in this 'non-standard' theory. Pushing against tribal knowledge is a most difficult task.
                My 'iron in the fire' is safety and security(including the 'health' aspect) regarding use of the product. This they fail miserably at, so easy fruit is always available.
                Add in economics, and they look like fools.
                "natures undefiled standard is the baseline of balance and health" Yes to that ;)
                Did I mention Argon? billions of tons out there.
                even more billions of tons of 40K
                even more billions/trillions of tons of potassium it is all locked up in.
                I think I already did.
                Something of interest to me. haha
                Another interest is genetics. Another giant fail for the nuke crew. Although they are very sharp folks, the ideas of 'spontaneous genetic change' with little pressure, makes for a lively debate.
                The idea that a small amount of their 'fairy dust' has little to no effect, explain 'little'.
                That was a great multiple post, to 'incredi' I believe, a day or 2 ago in the 4am time frame.
                Take care and Fight On.

              • HoTaters HoTaters
                Yes, Code. The distinction between natural background sources of radiation (and clearly defining that so that "nukists" can't constantly change the definition) vs. anthropogenic sources of radiation is central to the argument. And it is central to whatever hypothesis or hypotheses you, stock, or others here may pursue. That a new theory or theory could come from this is an exciting prospect.
                Don't know if this has ever been mentioned. Deduced it from your comment. Why is your point critical?
                Critical to consider because of how living organisms handle or metabolize, are affected by anthropogenic sources of radiation vs. what was encountered prior to the Nuclear Age. It appears to be safe to assume (or can has it been proven?) living organisms handled well what was encountered in an environment with natural background radiation.
                To validate this particular argument, what kind of stats are out there on cancers and the various illnesses, environmental damage to living organisms from "natural background" vs. background at man-made levels?
                The "outliers" for what happened prior to the Nuclear Age might be those events, like people or creatures being exposed to radiation from volcanoes, uranium or radium deposits they accidentally disturbed.
                Gets pretty complex, non? Wondering if anyone ever studied what things used to be like "in stasis." Or if there ever even was stasis.
                "The only constant being change."
                What a quandary.

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      • AirSepTech AirSepTech
        "but the radiation is very dilute."
        More than a few have banged the drum, I guess more, louder, is needed.
        You have found something that is an 'anomaly' in their book. IMO
        They will pushback at all cost.
        My line of business has been down this road many times, in all sorts of subjects, it always seems to be an epic battle.
        Fight On.

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  • HoTaters HoTaters
    "Table 12
    Alkali metals and radionuclides (Na, K, Rb, Cs, 137Cs, and 40K) in several species of mushrooms (data on Na, K, Rb, and Cs are for caps of fruit bodies collected in ~1986 ~ 2006 and data on 137Cs and 40K are for whole fruiting bodies) …."
    Cesium 137 is another radionuclide apparently mimicking other minerals and displacing them, but I can't remember just now (w/o looking it up) what displaces what.
    Calcium, magnesium, and potassium are displaced by radionuclides. There are probably many other minerals vital to health which are displaced by radionuclides.
    How do the chemical properties of the radionuclides cause living creatures NOT to be able to form chitin, skeletons, exoskeltons properly? By what mechanism? Displacement, but what causes the failure of the organism's cells to miss identifying the toxin(s)?
    Haven't read your research yet, Stock. It would be great if you can figure that question out. Is your work based on the findings of Dr. Sternglass, in part? Just curious.
    stock, I think if you can find how the function of chitin is analagous to the formation of fibrin and fibrinogen (i.e., in response to a chemical, environmental toxin, trauma, radionuclide, or other "insult") in veins, arteries, and tissues in human bodies, you'll get the prize. See Kent Holtorff's video at his website. He has described in detail how fibrin forms in the body of human beings and leads to chronic illness, the collapse of the immune system, even death.

    Report comment

    • HoTaters HoTaters
      We know compromised immune systems in the animal kingdom (due to radiation exposure) can cause disease and death.
      I think you (perhaps with some contributions from others by way of throwing some ideas around) may be onto something big, as you said.
      Having studied a LOT of functional medicine and chronic disease discussions, and Dr. Holtorff's work, I strongly urge you to study his premises re: fibrin and fibrinogen. He founded some of the first clinics treating Gulf War Illness, Lyme disease, chronric fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalitis), fibromyalgia. All involve collapse of the immune system, and all are related to a buildup of fibrin in the body, which eventually leads to catastrophic illness, immune collapse, and chronic, serious illnesses.
      Just a suggestion. I think if you grasp how fibrin is produced and why it is produced, you'll be able to describe the mechanism whereby chitin and structures high in calcium carbonate are prevented from being properly formed and maintained by the living creatures you describe in your research.
      If you decide you'd like me to help you with that one (the research), I'm game.

      • HoTaters HoTaters
        I can't even explain why I believe that is true, it's just something intuitive, and something I can conceptualize in my head, but cannot explain or verbalize.
        Maybe this, what are the organisms producing to protect themselves from the radionuclides? What inflammatory processes are taking place in their bodies? And is the end result of that process (whatever is analogous to fibrin, fibrinogen production) the failure to recognize toxins replacing needed minerals? There's enough evidence out there pointing to immune function collapse in "higher" life forms that some of our understanding of that could be applied to creatures lower on the food chain, and those with chitin and calcium carbonate carrying structures in their bodies.
        In my humble opinion, and FWIW. But I'm no chemist, and not a microbiology expert.

    • HoTaters HoTaters
      Hmmn, above, Rb is rubidium. Primarily a stable element, with a small, slightly radioactive component.
      Rubidium is not known to be necessary for any living organisms. However, rubidium ions are handled by living organisms in a manner similar to potassium ions, being actively taken up by plants and by animal cells due to their identical charge. OK, I'm going to be a bit lazy here:
      Rubidium is a very soft, ductile, silvery-white metal.[5] It is the second most electropositive of the non-radioactive alkali metals and melts at a temperature of 39.3 °C (102.7 °F). Similar to other alkali metals, rubidium metal reacts violently with water, forms amalgams with mercury and alloys with gold, iron, caesium, sodium, and potassium, but not lithium (even though rubidium and lithium are in the same group). As with potassium (which is slightly less reactive) and caesium (which is slightly more reactive), rubidium's reaction with water is usually vigorous enough to ignite the hydrogen gas it liberates. Rubidium has also been reported to ignite spontaneously in air. Rubidium has a very low ionization energy of only 406 kJ/mol. Rubidium and potassium show a very similar purple color in the flame test, which makes spectroscopy methods necessary to distinguish the two elements."

    • HoTaters, my theory is pretty easy read…less than 15 minutes
      My theory is primarily based on destruction of already formed chitin via radiation blasting after bio-magnification.
      This hypothesis is strongly supported by the fact that EVERYTHING that is getting hard hit in the animal world uses chitin directly or rely on other lifeforms that use chitin directly.
      That said, chitin structures are very complex geometries and widely ranging in formation. Thus chemical and radiation attack during formation could have substantive impact.

This List Compiled by Kelly Ann Thomas
61 pages describing news aggregation on the death of the largest ocean on earth
Picture of poor little seal, crawling the streets of a city, with pneumonia, because there is no food in the ocean.

  • Hi Stock,
    I emailed you an updated list, up to this article.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • HoTaters HoTaters
    RE: the seal pup, "Rubbish" (picture at link above, from Kelly Ann Thomas' compilation…. I have to put that name in quotes, it sounds so utterly disrespectful. Rubbish, ha, ha. I hope he was named Rubbish because that's how he was treated.
    But no, he was probably thought to have been eating garbage, or worse, trying to eat rocks somewhere. Stupid seal. But it makes great publicity, doesn't it?
    No food, I'm starving, can't you see? Can't you see how my skin is hanging off of my tiny, malnourished body?
    That has to be one of the saddest pictures ever.
    And one of the most accusatory looks ever.
    "What have you done to my world? You have killed us. My family is gone. I'm starving, and you're just taking pictures of me for your latest news article … And you named me, 'Rubbish.' What kind of a name is that?' "

    • HoTaters HoTaters
      That's how he was treated (like "Rubbish") before he went to the Marine Mammal Rescue Center, that is. I have the utmost respect for people in those centers.

    • Sickputer
      Kind of makes you wonder if the "seal rescues" are just palliative care for terminally ill creatures dying of starvation. If you're just feeding animals for a while and then releasing them back into a foodless environment, what did you achieve? A 90-day zoo? Time's up little seal… Time to go home and die now. ;-(
      In a Soylent Green society the rescuers would use 90% of the dying creatures to feed the remaining 10%. Where there is no hope…there are no scruples.