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Majia Research on Bio Accumulation and Chemical Synergies (Negative)

We must re-new our efforts to publicize evidence of ongoing ECOCIDE. We need to COMPILE these adverse mortality events because each one is reported in the news as a totally unrelated event.
Bioaccumulation and chemical synergies are destroying the Pacific eco-system, coupled with habitat loss, over-fishing, etc.

Here is my review of radionuclide bioaccumulation processes and my recent summary of ongoing water contamination problems:

Here is a link to a very powerful, iconic video of Fukushima's nuclear consequences

Dr. Timothy Mousseau, whose work with colleagues is unsurpassed in demonstrating genotoxic effects of living in radiation contaminated zones, will be giving a talk on 'What evolutionary biology can learn from Chernobyl and Fukushima' at my university in a couple of weeks. I hope to post his video online. I'll post link when available. I recommend following his findings.

Nuclear is truly a politics of death, as documented in this pdf i created:

Strength to those who struggle for our collective survival!

Magda from ENE had this to add

1. Anchovies (dead: miles of them, mountains deep)
2. Baby whale (dead)
3. Bald Eagles
4. Bear cub (Alaska- dropped dead climbing a hill – read viewer comments ENE)
5. Birds: (reduced numbers Audubon, USA records)
6. Butterflies (mutations – Photos)
7. Butterflies – Monarchs (almost 1 billion vanished)
8. Caribou
9. Crayfish
10. Concentration of sea creatures in Monterey Bay
11. Dolphin and whale encounters – whale put head on boat.
12. Horses (in Fukushima sickened and died)
13. Horses in California – same symptoms as above
14. Admira Rakti possible ‘cesium heart’ dropped dead Melbourne cup.
15. Killer Whales (100% death rate of baby killer whales as at 10/12/2014)
16. Mammals California coast: starving, drooling, brain damaged, seizures)
17. mini lobsters (bazillions)
18. Millions of fish
19. Monarch butterflies (deformities and disappearance)
20. Monkeys (abnormal blood)
21. Mutton birds
22. Oarfish
23. Plankton
24. Pyrosomes (glow in the dark – uncommon ie not seen before
25. Red crabs
26. Sabre toothed whale
27. Salmon
28. Sardines crash (complete disappearance in 400 mile stretch of coast)
29. Sea lions (abcesses, seizures, deaths)
30. Sea stars (turning to goo, limbs falling off
31. Seals (hair loss, open sores, deaths)
32. Sea urchins
33. Sockeye Salmon (lesions, exhaustion, limpness)
34. Squid
35. Strange sea creatures never usually seen (from depths of ocean)
36. Tuna migrating Japan to USA all 15 tested…

Friday, April 17, 2015

Takahama TIPPING point, Japan court rules reactor cannot restart regardless of what the supposed "regulator" says

I don't have time to write a full article and do my own research, but this is a big deal

TIP it folks.   Visit news sites and drop comments and links

A provisional injunction handed down Tuesday by the Fukui District Court against the restarting of Kansai Electric Power Co.’s Takahama No. 3 and 4 reactors is a boost to opponents of nuclear power, even as the decision draws criticism from senior politicians, nuclear regulators, Kepco, and pro-nuclear Japanese media.

PS I am banned from speaking at Japan Times, they are not so interested in the truth. 

ANOTHER Airborne Plutonium Accident in USA, COVERED up for 6 Months

The recently revealed cover up occurred at the New Waste Calcining Facility, in Idaho,  run by CH2M-WG

They first said it was just one worker and the dose was like a chest xray.     They said it was so minor that they didn't report it.
Quick Adder 2+2
The guy who was promoted to running WIPP, change of guard, this week.    Well he was the buy in charge of the Plutonium Release cover up in Idaho.



Then they admitted that it was airborne Plutonium contamination which had become internal in at least 1 employee.    They are still sticking with the "one employee" for now.

They have a Citizens Advisory Board that was also kept in the dark.     Bohrer said

“The question I asked (DOE), and one I continue to push on, is did we learn all the lessons we needed to learn from the lab problem with plutonium contamination at the (Materials and Fuels Complex)?” Bohrer said.
He was referring to the 2011 INL plutonium accident that resulted in 16 workers being exposed, and a series of lawsuits.
 stock here---I guess they didn't want those pesky lawsuits happening again, so COVER IT UP

 One of their excuses for not reporting promptly is

We’ve been working to get those out, but we’ve had some reductions in personnel,” Miller said. “So we’re working to get them out as quickly as we can, but it’s been a challenge to get them compiled.”
They also fessed up that the plant was shutdown for 7 weeks!!!!

Note that the story was released on April 15, the day when many people are distracted by the government taking 40% of the sweat of their brow.

Good thing that a 2005 study  Approved by DOE indicated the chance of a fuel plate failure at being 2e-5, that is .00002 odds, or .002% chance.

This is taken from page 11 of the DOE report which can be found here

I see, so they said that in 2005, and then had a big accident in 2011, and then had what they claim is an "accident similar to a chest X-ray" in 2015.

This is criminally misinformation.    In no way is Plutonium in the lungs similar to a "chest Xray".   And Xray is a one time event.    Plutonium sticks around and continually sucker punches the cells it is nearby.   PU has a danger weighting factor of 112,000 more deadly than normal run of the mill radiation.

When you read the actual Government Report, the reality is much more damning that anything reported by any newspapers.

Here is the synopsis, in my words, but don't trust me, read the report:

1) Crappy old wrapping job with plastic and electrical tape.   Sheesh electrical tape barely wants to stick to itself, much less anything else.    At least they could have followed modern conventions like TEPCO does and used Duct Tape <sarc>
2) Hey, there is black powder falling from the wrapping
3) I wonder what that black powder is from this fuel assembly, hey lets cut through the plastic wrap!
4) Gosh golly guys, hey y'all come over and take a look  at this.   From the report, literally "Workers crowded around the Hood in the vicinity of OP-1 and the open clamshell."
5) What the heck is that there stuff?
6) Heh lets put some of that there stuff into a terry towel and test it the the Alpha meter
7) Alpha meter pegged!    Oh shite boys, lets get the eff outta here!

It took them a month to re-enter to test the "sample"

They reported it in a very unusual dimension DPM/ 100 CM2, the value was 5,500,000

It is typical to report in DPM /M3, so the reading would be 550,000,000 DPM /M3 of Deadly Alpha from Plutonium

There were lawsuits on that one and rightly so.

But don't worry.....we put in "controls" so this will never happen again.

until 2014

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Starting to Accumulate Bio-Accumulation Data

Lots more work needs to be done on this to wake people up.  

No wonder the oceans are hard hit.

From CodeShutdown who is an awesome researcher

Researchers developed a model based on the diet of killer whales which bioaccumulate morbid levels of radiation;
A study assuming a level of Cesium 137 of less than 0.5 becquerels per cubic metre suggests that in 30 years, Cesium 137 levels in the whales will exceed the Canadian guideline of 1,000 becquerels per kilogram for consumption of seafood by humans — 10 times the Japanese guideline. But the ocean is already measuring up to 7 Bq/m. Ken Buesseler goes to great lengths to say this is safe

CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
EPA paper on radionuclide concentration factors. Plutonium accumulates in plankton 100,000 times and even 2.8 million times for thalassiosira pseudonana\ZYFILES\INDEX%20DATA\86THRU90\TXT\00000021\9100FKNN.txt&User=ANONYMOUS&Password=anonymous&SortMethod=h|-&MaximumDocuments=1&FuzzyDegree=0&ImageQuality=r75g8/r75g8/x150y150g16/i425&Display=p|f&DefSeekPage=x&SearchBack=ZyActionL&Back=ZyActionS&BackDesc=Results%20page&MaximumPages=1&ZyEntry=4
Wood Hole is a lying grant grubbing POS

Kenny B knows that the radiation measurement in water is a million times less than the silt on the bottom, and being a marine chemist, not biologist, he will not test biological samples. What about the other 500 people working at Wood Hole?
Ken Beusseler
measured Cs-137 in seawater of 0.07 to 0.3 Bq/kg in Black Sea, but said it was not a true indicator of the
total specific activity sum of 670 000 Bq per kg particulate matter in the ocean silt. Up to a million times higher than ambient seawater

From Nick
Something is replacing iron in hemoglobin molecules……
… what could that be????
"Mystery of how plutonium enters cells solved
27 June 2011
It's been known for years that once plutonium is ingested it remains in the body for a long time, but what no one knew was how the plutonium is absorbed. Now, US scientists have found a cellular uptake pathway for plutonium, confirming a previous hypothesis but with a caveat.
Mark Jensen at Argonne National Laboratory and colleagues showed that plutonium hijacks the machinery used to deliver iron to mammalian cells – the transport protein transferrin. "
Got it?
I called Kenny B last week and he lied the whole time we were on the phone. 30 minutes in total. He said 1,000,000 bq/m3 plutonium was a typo, as well as many other lies. He thinks we are all antinuke here at enenews as well as Arnie G, who he named, I said YEP and proud of it. He just sends you to his web site, ca$e tho$$$m.

Tracking what is "normal" on cosmic radiation in the atmosphere

I have tried several times to find good data on what is normal in cosmic radation at altitudes (Airplane Flights).    And there is basically zero data out there.   Now I found this by following a user link at ENENEWS

 I will  buy the app, and try it on a flight out of Hawaii.     
I will also put my geiger on a long duration count and then see how results compare.
The TrackYourDose app was developed by Germany-based esooka.
It uses a mathematical model developed by scientists and meteorologists from the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) in Germany and the University Oulu, Finland.
Since 1997, PTB has studied the cosmic radiation at typical flight altitudes and used this to calculate radiation levels.
To to do this, PTB's scientists developed a carry-on 'flight case'.
Using the case, PTB's scientists measured more than 2,500 points at flight altitudes between 5 miles (8km) and 7.5 miles (12km) worldwide between 1997 and 2006.
This covered geographical location, the flight altitude and solar activity.  

Earthchangers College -- A Great Website Which Doesn't Turn a Blind Eye to Fukushima

I signed up, they try to keep trolls to a minimal.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What a Whack Job, a GE Exec, Tunred into Banker at a Utility run bank

Oh this is just hilarious.  In a real sick way.

What could be worse than a GE Exec turned into a Banker that works for a utility that is killing Solar?

Hawaiian Electric owns ASB (American Savings Bank)

Its all true.

What a whack job: Richard Wacker

Richard Wacker didn’t start as a banker. An engineer by training, he spent 20 years in executive positions at General Electric. In 2004, he left GE to run Korea Exchange Bank, while his family moved to Hawaii and his youngest son attended Punahou. When the CEO position opened at ASB in 2010, Punahou head of school Jim Scott introduced Wacker to Connie Lau, saying, “Here’s a man that’s run a bank.”

And the next article, speaking of sociopaths without conscience or empathy is this......

Monday, April 13, 2015

Fukushima Poison Soffocated the Dolphins, Oh My

Two readers posted relevant links

  • Posting this radionuclide effect on lungs again 'cuz it sort of got lost on previous page. Seems pretty much pinning it down to me. Poor dolphins and other air breathers too. :(
    Excerpt from one part of the studies:
    >Differential broncho spirometry in man has shown that the percent of oxygen uptake of one lung, which is a measure of the percent of pulmonary blood flow to that lung, correlates closely with the fraction of radioactive particles in that lung (10). It has also been shown that radioactive particles and labeled red cells undergo a nearly identical distribution in the lung (11). Our results confirm the finding that radiation injury causes pulmonary ischemia. They indicate that the degree of ischemia is influenced both by the duration of survival following irradiation magnitude of the radiation dose. Our observations were made over a 10-month interval, which is about half the life span of the Swiss mouse. We did not observe evidence or reversal of the intensity of ischemia. Therefore we conclude that the process is irreversible although further studies through an entire life span would be required to establish this point irrefutably. <Necropsies of more than a dozen of the mammals revealed ischemia of the lungs. On-site techs report that the dolphin's lungs were white. Ischemia is inflammation and constriction of the vascular system. There was no blood supply reaching the organs; these animals suffocated in their home environment. Mass stranding are up worldwide [see google]. Previous research shows this outcome is predicted when mammals are exposed to ionizing radiation.


    The below from "Lots wife"

    Necropsies of more than a dozen of the mammals revealed ischemia of the lungs. On-site techs report that the dolphin's lungs were white. Ischemia is inflammation and constriction of the vascular system. There was no blood supply reaching the organs; these animals suffocated in their home environment. Mass stranding are up worldwide [see google]. Previous research shows this outcome is predicted when mammals are exposed to ionizing radiation.

    > [humans] exchange only about 10-15% of the air in our lungs with every breath, while whales exchange about 80 to 90%. They also have a very quick gas exchange. This short window of time at the surface also requires the whales to have extremely efficient breaths. This is possible because their lungs have a large surface area to rapidly exchange gases. This surface area comes from all of the small alveolar sacs in the lungs at the end of the larger airways that come in contact with the fresh oxygen.

    Hot Tuna?

    It's spring in Ester, Alaska and bears are on the move. They're unpredictable and no one wants to be surprised in the dooryard. When bears are spotted, neighbors call each other and the post office, where the alert goes up on the community wall. 

    In Caloundra, Queensland, Australia risks to life and limb don't arrive on four legs. It's radiation from Fukushima's wreckage that is tracked and measured by a neighborhood organization. Originally devised as a computer club to help people make use of the technology, one of its members applied its resources to monitoring radiation in air, rain and food.

    If you want more information about the risks associated with contact or ingestion of the shit that's boiling out of Fukushima, the Sunshine Coast Computer Club, Inc. [SCCC] presents data the USG denies. Informed consumers of the nitrogen/oxygen mix our lungs draw [adults at rest 12-20/min., infants to 6 wks 30-60/min.] have expectations of safety until declared otherwise. 

    Welcome to dashed expectations. The feds have been lying to the world about the impact of Fukushima's multiple and ongoing meltdowns. Big-time lies. Go-to-jail lies.

    Staff at the EPA, NRC, FDA, CDC, who know the reality of the event's global reach, are sitting on their brains, hoping it's not as bad as the detection units reveal. The Aussies in Caloundra present data that contradicts the hollow assurances from USG authorities: 'no immediate danger'. For more than four years, such inanities issue from agencies whose charters have been cast aside.

    For many, the nuclear industry's habit of lying and obfuscation is more than enough justification to suspect its motives. Prudent people will consider all information, even if some is unsourced, at this time. See below.

    April 12, 2015: 
    News from the SCCC: Incident report, HOT TUNA, approx. November 2014.

    In late March I [Peter Daley] received this email from a contact who has a Geiger counter. I have removed some information from the correspondence to protect the contact's anonymity.


    "You have to watch your food like a hawk.  My daughter had some tuna in oil....very small tin.  I had been warning her.  But dad is crazy.  I found the tin going into the recycle, it still had a bit of oil in it.  So, me being me, I got out my geiger counter and took a went ballistic.  

    It just keep climbing and climbing.  I didn't think it was going to stop......It stopped climbing when it hit 38K counts per minute....I didn't know my bGeigie Nano meter went that high.   The oil seemed OK, the tin seemed OK, but a tiny flake of leftover tuna the size of a match head was on the lip of the tin, that is what set it off.  Don't eat ANYTHING from the sea....anymore.  That tuna was toxic radioactive nuclear waste, and not food."


    38,000 counts per minute would be around 1000 times background, using this model Geiger counter!

    I sent this email to get more information on this very high detection.

    Do you still have the sample?

    If you are located in Australia, and still have the sample, I could test it, if you posted to me.

    If you don't have it,  if you provide the information below, I may be able to source some here, and test it.

    In what country was the tuna tinned?

    In what country was it purchased?

    Here is the reply to my email query.


    This happened over 6 months ago.

    I can only assume it was canned in the USA. tuna in oil.  At that time I thought the reading was coming from the oil in the tin....I didn't notice the flake that was on the outside top edge of the can.  I got it stuck on my finger and washed it off.  After this, is when I couldn't get a reading from the tin or the oil again.  I realized that the flake which was gone down the drain by then was the cause.

    I thought my Geiger counter  was malfunctioning at the time, which it never has before or since.  The count was going up and it freaked out my son as we watched it climb. The highest reading I have ever gotten until then was 164 CPM off of a milled piece of pine, but at that time I was (and still am) learning how to use the geiger counter. 


    A small number of tests on different brands of tinned tuna have been conducted here recently, and over the last couple years. There was nothing to report from these tests. This is only one community testing lab, and each test takes 24 hours, or more. A large variety of mainly Australian food products have been tested, so statistically the number of tinned tuna tests conducted here at this stage is very small.

    It obvious more widespread food testing needs to be conducted.