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Friday, February 12, 2016

A Red Herring article by Washington Post Serves to Deflect the Necessary Attention Away From Fukushima By Partly Acknowledging It.

A reader, responding to a king of Red Herring article in the Washington Post had this to say

Ms. Fifield,

Good day. Your treatment of the five-year anniversary of the most dangerous unresolved industrial incident in recorded history is flat and one dimensional. Is this what you intended to write or what the editors permitted?

No mention:

*            tests show growing numbers of children in Fukushima and surroundings with thyroid nodules and cancer;

*            flooding the site with water has caused foundation failures of reactor buildings;

*            the corium are lost. Elvis has left the building. TEPCO's managers say they don't know how to find or recover them; to claim the site is stable is laughable;

*            organized crime procures unskilled workers, sub-standard monitoring of dose exposure, poor record keeping;

*            Tokyo passed a national secrets act to limit reporting of the crisis; the threat of jail keeps journalists sitting on stories documenting ongoing fission events, venting to the sea and atmosphere;

*            downwind and downstream of Fukushima [Alaska and the coast of North America and South America] unusual mortality events have been announced by the USFW; seals, whales, otters, walrus, and polar bears: dead, diseased or strange behavior; steep declines in caribou herd sizes.

You should know that approximately 30 whales died in the waters off Kodiak Island in the summer of 2015. Hundreds of thousands of sea birds [Cassin's auklets, common murres] have similarly died. A recent beach walk in Whittier, Alaska [a few miles east of Anchorage] documented 8,000 dead murres per mile. Most scientists say they are stumped, never seen anything like it. Some are saying the food chain is broken but have no funds to investigate.

All sea stars, from Homer, Alaska to Baja, Mexico have been extirpated. Video shows them 'melting'. Intertidal zones in coastal British Columbia appear to be sterilized of life.

The federal government has done/is doing a lousy job of guiding its major Asian ally toward a resolution of the crisis. Hillary's emails about Fukushima figure are likely prominent in the FBI investigation. She was free-lancing for the Wall Streeters while employed as SoS. Coverups always end badly. It began five years ago as a 'Keystone Cops' script as detailed in FOIA docs of the NRC crisis team's email and phone calls. The unfolding catastrophe was out of everyone's league and remains so today. Your report fails to provide readers with a factual account of the ongoing crisis. It reminds me of watching a cat do it's business.

If you care to catch up with the real world, I recommend:

--a citizen scientist-----
Ester, Alaska

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Scientific Basis For Destruction Of Ocean Food Chain Via Radiation

stock here 
This may be the smoking gun describing how radiation can be killing off so many important parts of the food chain, and decay chain on land and in water.

Chitin is a polysaccharide biological structural polymer found in exoskeletons, like krill, insects, crabs, beaks of squid etc, and combined with calcium carbonate to form shells of crustaceans. It absorbs radioactive fallout.

Chitin, is an extremely important building block of many types of organisms.
  1. blows up the skeletons of important sea life at the bottom of the food chains like krill, 
  2. destroys fungis, 
  3. damages mushrooms, 
  4. and it destroys the structural veins of insects wings.    
See all the little snippets on Chitan from the "Dictionary_Of_Science.pdf" 

"As destruction travels up the food chain, we are currently at the Mures."

Mures are birds that feed on small fishes, this article explains a bit.   But beware, they are blaming it on "global warming" and El Nino, which doesn't make any sense in my book.    A 1 or 2 degree change in temperature is not going to wipe out a food chain.   Seeing that this article also takes it to the next level of absurdity, calling it a human warmed ocean.

In 2011, after Fukushima, ALL the flies went away....for a full year.   When the flies came back, I also starting feeling more healthy again.     How can this be?   Flies with broken wings would not do could all the wings get broke?   Simple, they are made of Chitin.   from

What are dying?  

Whales they eat krill
Mures, they eat fish that eat krill
Reindeer and caribou die offs, they eat lichens/fungi
Insects are dying their wings are made of Chitin
Birds that eat insects are dying
Krill have an exoskeleton made of Chitin
Fungi have biological structures made of Chitin

Chitin absorbs radiation and Chitin has its chemical structure destroyed by radiation.

After Three Mile Island and after Fukushima in Hawaii...all the flies went away for a year.    Fly wings are made of Chitin.

No Chitin Sherlock, the smoking gun uncovered.
Radiation destruction of chitin

 The change in functional composition and molecular mass of crab, shrimp, and Antarctic shrimp (krill) chitin under the effect of ionizing radiation has been studied. 

By electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy it was established that primary radicals appear in positions 1 and 4 of the pyranose ring with subsequent breakdown of the glycoside bond analogous to cellulose and chitosan decay when γ-irradiated.  {RADIATION}

A scheme of radiochemical transformations of chitin is suggested


Code says
stock, in my mind, a distinction should be made in the bioabsorption, and concentration of radionuclides and the destruction of the chitin by the same.

For example, mutation could come from the concentration or precipitation (think ion exchange resin) of chitin and its effect on DNA, as opposed to sheer structural degradation. Also there is an important time factor. So as an insect is growing or hatching, the timed polymerization of chitin must be VERY critical. Rather than structural degradation, a speeding up or retardation of polymerization during that crucial stage could result in poor wing shape etc.

stock here

So interestingly enough….Chitin is researched as an effective "sponge" to soak up Uranium, Plutonium, Americium, Curium, strontium, Cesium.


A background on Chitin, they are thinking for commercial development
More information and link resources, just slamming them in here now, for Intuitive Exploitation later

Chitin absorbs and concentrates radionuclides. This is part of the familiar bioconcentration/bioaccumulation story. The concentration factor for heavy metals can be hundreds, thousands or even millions of times. The reason I started thinking about chitin is because I was looking for a natural organic ion exchange resin. They use ion exchange resin to concentrate and isolate cesium from ocean water for measurement. Chitin is well known for its heavy metal absorption and chelation. More is unknown than known about chitin and how it is controlled in biology.
"Despite decades of intensive research, many events associated with the complexity of chitin formation and deposition are still obscure, or only partially understood. The list includes the hormonal control of CS at the transcriptional and translational levels as well as the post-translational CS packaging; trafficking and guidance of CS clusters to proper sites in the cells and their intricate insertion into the plasma membranes; activation of the catalytic step and its control or modulation; and translocation of chitin chains across cell membranes, their orientation, fibrillogenesis and association with other extracellular structural components such as polysaccharides (fungi) and cuticular proteins (insects)"

Report comment

  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    man made radiation concentrating all over the place!…
    Once concentrated in body structure, the radiation and heavy metals could interfere with the exquisite hormonal and genetic control of chitins temporal and spacial placement
    'Chitin is considered to be one of the most abundant macromolecules in the biosphere. The chitin microfibrils serve as structural scaffolds in cell walls, cuticles, shells, and intestinal peritrophic matrices. The capacity for chitin production is found in a vast variety of taxonomic groups including algae, fungi, protists, sponges, rotifers, nematodes, arthropods, cuttlefish, brachiopods, and mollusks. Chitin is particularly present in marine ecosystems because oceanic crustaceans produce most of its biomass (mainly pelagic zooplankton such as krill

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    Fisher et al found very high concentration factors for radionuclides Pu, Am and Np of greater than 100,000 with living cells of diatoms. Chlorella concentrates Cd two million times

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    tsezos and volesky showed hat ion exchange capacity of microbial cell wall can be greater than that of commercial ion exchange resins and activated carbon by three times. The test elements were uranium and throium
    Living cells can accumulate metals from much lower concentrations…ppb or lower…than inert biomass absorbers with higher concentration factors and greater specificities for a particular toxic metal
    microalgae sequester heavy metals by adsorption and absorption mechanisms as well as formation of phytochelatins which they synthesize in response to heavy metal stress. (oh no, hormesis!) Gekeler et al
    phytochelatins are peptides produced only by algae and higher plants. They are analogous to the metallothionein proteins produced by fungi and animals in response to heavy metal stress

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    biofilms on every animal in the ocean. Biofilms are capable of binding significant quantities of metals under natural conditions, and serve as matrices for precipitation of insoluble mineral phases.
    See it? Many different modes of bioabsorption and concentration of man made radiation. Radioactive biofilm on chitin shells

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    chitin, nothing random about it!
    Chitin biosynthesis is a strongly regulated process, both spatially and temporally. It acts like an ion exchange resin and also absorbs by pores and other mechanisms. If the timing and placement isnt perfect, the animal will be deformed.
    The ion exchange process is very effective at transferring the radioactive content of a large volume of liquid into a small volume of solid.
    Nuclear reactors have been using resins for years. Boiling water reactors generate 20 cubic yards of organic ion exchange resin radioactive waste a year. They dont know what to do with this waste exactly. Told them so, but did they listen?

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  • CodeShutdown CodeShutdown
    all biological material has an affinity for metals,
    'Chitin is a very important structural component of
    fungal cell walls and is an effective biosorbent for metals and
    radionuclides, as are chitosan and other chitin derivatives' Heavy metals are usually powerful poisons to the nervous system.
    Natural inorganic ion exchangers;
    A large number of organic materials exhibit ion exchange properties; these include polysaccharides (such as cellulose, algic acid, straw and peat), proteins (such as casein, keratin and collagen) and carbonaceous materials
    Removal of Heavy Metal from Contaminated Water by Biopolymer Crab Shell Chitosan

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"stock" banned from ENE, and then IP blocked as DOS attack on ENENEWS is terminated

1 day after "Breaking" the Hillary Clinton scandal of her killing Americans by covering up the Fukushima disaster and not telling people to take simple precautionary actions.....on ENENEWS

2 things

First ---A denial of service attack took ENE out of the picture for a while. 

Second ---  ENENEWS returns to service, but "stock" who had been there since the BP oil spill and provided many contributions, original work, and promotion for ENENEWS had more than just his account be suspended, but also had his IP blocked so that he couldn't even view the site, much less comment.

Seems like they have pulled out all the stops, and blackmailed admin into the ban......"Ya, just make that stock  go away and ban his IP too, and then this denial of service attack will stop"

The powers that be hate the truth, and there is a LOT riding on this election.    This next presidency will either take a stand against the NWO globalists and reverse some of the mess they already legislated, OR sell us totally down the river, forever.   

stock out.

As you may be aware I broke the story of Hillary Clinton's email trail that shows very clearly that she killed Americans by lying about and covering up Fukushima even though she had the knowledge of the danger and the protective actions in hand.

Instead, she went to Japan and cut a deal with them that we would continue to buy their contaminated food.

Obviously, this information would be very damaging in the election process going on now.
A big question is however, what did Hillary get from Japan that she needed to discuss with their rulers in person?

I have been knocked off ENENEWS, couldn't even see the site on any of 4 computers, since then. I thought it was admin that removed my account, but the IP blocking of not even being able to see ENENEWS at ALL was like insult to injury. But at same time, many users also lost access to ENENEWS. 

So it Appears that Hillary's minions (think NSA sorts) somehow compelled an IP block from my router to ENENEWS specifically.

Very interesting to say the least.

I had to change a MAC address and then reconnect everything to the internet and my internal computer network…annoying to say the least!

I don't know how an outside party could perform such an IP block to a "private" website. Maybe Dud or Jebus knows what level of hack that would require.

Just doing my part in the walk on part in the war.

Alan Reid
Been clicking for two days trying to log into ENEnews. must be something going on.

Obama Tells USA "No Danger from Fukushima" and Then Flies to Brazil with GE and Westinghouse Bosses

stock here:  I think  this is a good time to review the leaders of our Democracy, and how they lie and actually kill Americans.    In particular, Obama and Hillary Clinton.    Clinton I dealt with in this research article, gleaned from watching her in real time and just this month a review of the emails that she did release.


And then he left with his family on an unplanned trip to South America, with GE CEO Geoffrey Emmelt.   Proof is at the bottom, please read this whole thing.    Oh yeah, and sign up as a follower, so I actually might believe that people read my articles.

Hmmmmmmmm.   Watch this video.

we are bringing all available resources to bear....our 50 mile evacuation is based on careful scientific evaluation". Jackzo was later sacked in his job. 10 to 1 he got a pension from US.

On April 8th, 2011, 4 weeks after GE's reactors blow up in Fukushima, this article in Forbes RE

The Unholy Marriage Of GE And President Obama At The Altar Of Industrial Policy

Note--there are only 2 comments on this story that is 4 years old.    Americans have no interest in this humdrum boring industrial political story....even though it pervades their life in dozens of ways, and feeds the governmental corruption and the .1%

Link to the video


In July 2010, Jeffrey Immelt was harshly critical of Obama, and of "The Bernank". Funny, I have been harshly critical of both of them, and they never handed me a sweet gig with great benefits.
Business doesn’t like the president, and he feels the same way about business, Immelt said. He contrasted Obama’s attitude to that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who defends German industry, Immelt said.
“I am not sure that in the end they want any of us to win, or any of us to be successful.”
So Obama  silences the criticism by handing him a government high office.

On March 15th the Government announced Obama and family going to Brazil and Chile:
White House press secretary Jay Carney said the president and first lady Michelle Obama will meet with the leaders and speak to the people of these countries (Brazil and Chile)  to discuss a broad range of issues including economic prosperity and job creation through increased trade and partnerships, energy and security cooperation, shared values and other regional and global concerns
Obama's Travel Companions in Brazil ^ | 3/19/2011

Posted on 3/19/2011, 3:52:59 PM by GVnana


Jeffrey Robert Immelt.. Immelt will retain his post at G.E. while becoming "chairman of the Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, a newly named panel that President Obama is creating by executive order."

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Candris served as senior vice president, Nuclear Fuel, providing fuel fabrication, components and services to commercial nuclear power plants worldwide.

He currently serves as a director of Fluor Corporation, Halliburton Company and The Welch Foundation.

John V. Faraci, 60, is ... a trustee of Denison University and a member of the Citigroup International Advisory Board. ... He is a trustee of the American Enterprise Institute.
Anthony S. Harrington is President and CEO of Albright Stonebridge Group, a global st

In case you don't trust Michael Savage, here is the "program" from the Brazil Council 

LOL, just a bonus...there are great posters at physicsforums, but the head moderators like astronuc having really swallowed the blue pill 

And a great perspective on "why did things play out like they did" from PhillipUpNorth, ya der eh?

just a matter of money:
Suppose you are the President of the US towards the end of March, 2011.
Oval Office meeting about Fukushima.
  1. The CDC calculates 10,000 Fukushima Cancers in CA, OR, HI, and WA.
  2. Some others in other states.
  3. Over next 20 years.
  4. Somebody asks the question: Should we recommend western states keep kids inside for recess as plume passes over?
  5. Sure, but how many of those 10,000 Fukushima Cancers do we avoid by doing this?
  6. Answer: Maybe 1,000. Folks will get dosed at home, eating food, riding in vehicles, drinking water, and in classrooms anyway.
  7. And, the sight of kids wearing masks in the US to avoid radiation from Japan, will almost certainly kill the nuclear power industry, here and around the world.
  8. What are we talking about?
  9. Retail value of US nuclear power was $793 million in 2010. stock here--see below I think this number is more like $93 B
  10. And cost to decommission 104 commercial reactors would be ruinous to the nuclear utilities.
  11. Public panic, once that genie is out of the bottle.
  12. When do you say it's safe to be outside?
  13. What are we going to say?
  14. "Very tiny amounts of Fukushima radiation detected. No immediate harm to human health."
  15. So let's go with that.
Gotta run. Family going on vacation to South America for a couple weeks.
PUN: Sorry, nuclear industry, but the videos of Unit 1 & 3 explosions may have already accomplished the death of the nuclear industry. As for the rest, history will be the judge. In about 50 years, the full extent of Fukushima Cancers in US will…

yep, added that to my article. You are probably striking close to the truth.
That said, I think your "value" of nuclear in US is way off. But to the industry, they peg their 2015 value at $93 Billion annually, per the nukists
Which is a big nest egg to protect, so spending $1.4 billion per year in propaganda, false science studies, grants to control university and "science" whores….is just a small fraction.

We do realize the Expected Value of nuclear is actually a net negative.

Attacks Against the NukePro Website Are Usually a Blessing in Disguise

The same day that we broke the Hillary Clinton / Fukushima story on ENENEWS, they were attacked with a Denial Of Service attack that continues to this day.   Some people can still get on occasionally, but most cannot.

Being blacked-out from ENE has caused my articles to get wider circulation and reach new people, so not just "whining to the choir"

Take the Joust to the streets, Joust Those Trolls

If anyone else has more site that should carry this story send them to me in comments 

And here are some I would like to get some traction on


More information

Email Contact: for John B. Wells for general information for radio syndication

TELEPHONE: 214-747-7777


This guy does a lot of Fukushima films, in Japan, and speaks Japanese

Monday, February 8, 2016

Nuke Pro Eliminated From Accessing ENENEWS, After the Clinton Fukushima Coverup Was Exposed

1 day after "Breaking" the Hillary Clinton scandal of her killing Americans by covering up the Fukushima disaster and not telling people to take simple precautionary actions.....on ENENEWS

2 things

First ---A denial of service attack took ENE out of the picture for a while.   

Second ---  ENENEWS returns to service, but "stock" who had been there since the BP oil spill and provided many contributions, original work, and promotion for ENENEWS had more than just his account be suspended, but also had his IP blocked so that he couldn't even view the site, much less comment. 

Seems like they have pulled out all the stops, and blackmailed admin into the ban......"Ya, just make that stock  go away and ban his IP too, and then this denial of service attack will stop"

The powers that be hate the truth, and there is a LOT riding on this election.    This next presidency will either take a stand against the NWO globalists and reverse some of the mess they already legislated, OR sell us totally down the river, forever.   

stock out.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Owner's of Ginna Nuclear Plant Convicted of Serious Fraud Against Their Customers

Constellation Energy used to own Ginna Nuclear. They were bought out by Exelon.
Constellation Agrees to Pay Record $245 Million Penalty
by Troutman Sanders LLP In what appears to be the most significant enforcement action in its history, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC” or the “Commission”) on Friday, March 9 approved a Stipulation and Consent Agreement with Constellation Energy Commodities Group (“Constellation”) that imposes a record civil penalty of $135 million and requires the disgorgement of $110 million in unjust profits.

The corrupt Chicago based Exelon bought Constellation on the SAME DAY that this historic fine was levied.
Details of the settlement emerged Monday, the same day Chicago-based Exelon Corp. closed on its $7.9 billion takeover of Constellation. The sale creating the largest non-utility energy provider in the United States ushers Baltimore's last Fortune 500 company out of town. The New York Stock Exchange will de-list Constellation shares Tuesday.

Constellation CEO Mayo Shattuck denies any wrong doing

Swarms of Earthquakes In Japan, Just Like 311, As Japan Restarts Nuclear Reactors

Funny that Citizen Scientists can vastly outperform our highly paid public Universities and
Government Labs.     Do not miss the importance of that point.   I predicted the Taiwan earthquake and the Japan Volcano, a week a head of time.

The "experts" at USGS want to spend hundreds of millions to provide a 28 second warning for 1 specific earthquake on the West Coast USA.   

Here is the link

Here is a link from today

International Atomic Energy Agency Proposes to Mutate Moisquitos Carrying Zika Virus

These little sociopathic boyz, playing with their nuclear toys.

What could possibly go wrong?

"It's family planning for insects," Jorge Hendrichs, head of the Insect Pest Control Section at the IAEA, said.

Cases of infants born with brain abnormalities with suspected link to Zika have been registered in over 20 Latin American countries, as well as in the US, starting from late December last year. Nearly 4,000 babies have been born with a congenital condition associated with incomplete brain development in Brazil only.

Right, so lets blast those mosquitoes with radiation and see what happens.   Maybe the virus itself will get mutated, 10 billion mosquitoes....what are the chances that one of those mosquitoes would mutate into an even more effective delivery system.        sheesh!

And in case you didn't know....the WHO is controlled by the IAEA.   It's true, and almost unbelievable. 

And more on that matter

Is it radiation or moisquitoes

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Clintons Emails Released Clearly Show She Knew the Dangers to USA from Fukushima and Covered It Up

Aloha folks, stock here.    These articles take a lot of work.    If you like to see more and continued articles, sign up as a follower on the right tool bar.    Also tweet this out and share on your Facebook page if you have.     Mahalo.

I reviewed several thousand Hillary Clinton emails that were released after court order, with an emphasis on Fukushima:

1) She was immediately informed of the dangers of Fukushima, and the actions that people should take to mitigate radiation damage, Mar 12th USA time.

2) She was participating daily in the discussion of Fukushima, until.....

3) They were mostly concerned with economic effects to countries, and to protect the US nuclear industry.

4) Clinton advisers pushed her hard to go to Japan as  PR move.

5) At that point one of two things happened a) she stopped sending AND receiving any emails related to Fukushima, or b) she intentionally did not hand over those emails and they were systematically eliminated from her files.

In light of 5a above, what are the chances they everyone in the government stopped sending her updates on Fukushima?     Exactly.  

Of course setting up a trip to Japan to discuss Fukushima would need lots of logistics, talking points, points of contacts, meetings.    She did make that infamous trip.    So basically Clinton did not supply these!!!    60 top secret email were released to the FBI, BUT the coverup of the Fukushima story was so important that Clinton and her group committed a felony but removing these from the record.     It is the only story that makes sense.

Here is the chronology of events/emails to make it simple to see how the emails just STOPPED.

Here is a whitehouse petition to unredact all the Fukushima related emails, and to provide the rest of the emails.

Here is the official government source of the emails that I grinded through

1) She was well advised as to what the risks were, and what precautions should be taken.

2) These powers that be understand false arguments, how to spot them, and how to use them

3) In the emails released, most exchanges were pretty professional, after the Reactor 4 explosion it had gone too far, and they decided that the event just needed to be censored.   After the initial emergency they focused their concern on economic impact and impact to the nuclear industry.

4) Around this time, researchers warned the powers that be that social media would lead to a reduction in their power if left unchecked and not monitored.

5) Hillary's  crew responds back with "Heck Ya we are monitoring social media and twitter to make sure our communications are resulting in change we can believe."

6) Hillary's handlers pushed her to go to Japan with some goals in mind, and that it was PR, but would be very powerful.   They pushed her even though all kind of other events were occurring and lots of travel and she was tired.   That's why I call it her handlers.

7) Once that first and second email urging the trip happened....then a complete blackout on the emails related to a major trip to a major world power for 3 weeks at least, that's all I checked.    No other issue got this blackout.  

8) This blackout of the Fukushima related trip to Japan was so important, it required committing a crime to not provide these emails under subpoena.     Of this $400B dollar a year industry (nuclear), how much do you think they funneled to Hillary or some Super-Pac?

I am dumping these screen captures of all the Fukushima emails that I reviewed.   I have all the PDFs downloaded and stored and backed up.

We know from direct contact with high level officials in Washington that Clinton signed a pact with Japan to keep buying their contaminated food and no testing.    The real question is, what did Hillary get in return?    I do not know, any theories are appreciated, drop in the comments.

Here is the audio interview supporting the above assertions
Gundersen told SolarIMG that high-level people he knows in the State Department said Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing for the United States to continue buying food from Japan, despite that food not being properly tested for radioactive materials.
"So we are not sampling the food coming into the United States," he said, repeating, "The US government has come up with a decision at the highest levels of the State Department, as well as other departments who made a decision to downplay Fukushima."

First off, she knew of the dangers of Fukushima, and the precautions that should have been taken, the next 3 graphics are from 1 email, March 12, 2011

HIllary first press conference to address her illegal email methods. She starts lying about this at 2:55 in the video
Hillary lying for 13 minutes A filmaker in Japan